Photo Poem: I’ll Always Look Up To You

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Photo Poem: I'll Always Look Up To You, by Aisha Abdelhamid ©



I’ll always look up to you
Twelve rungs higher
On the ladder of my life
You learned to be an electrician
So you could light up my nights
Even though I’m still blinded
By the twinkle in your eyes
Undimmed as you climb
Beyond sixty five

I’ll always look up to you
You are the sun in my sky
The moon in my night
My guide as we climb the ladder
Bravely embracing time
Even though we’re advancing
I pray your love never dies
Or dims as we climb
The ladder of life

© Aisha Abdelhamid
Dedicated to Mohamed,
My Best Friend & Dearest Love Forever

Click to join in the fun at Bastet’s Pixelventures! This week we’re looking up. Bastet says:

” Hello World…. After all the reflecting we did last week I’m looking for something that can express a happy mood…we say, things are looking up…so, let’s look up!

When I found these great photos of Mohamed installing the lighting in our verandah, I knew right away this was a perfect subject for my response to Bastet’s Let’s Look Up! Challenge. My husband and I have built a house in South Carolina from the ground up, and in Egypt, back down to the ground and all the way back up again. There is nothing he wouldn’t learn for the sake of building our house as we really want it. Mohamed was never a laborer in any sense of the word, retiring before we married, from a long happy career as a Principal of a Middle School. But lack of experience hasn’t stopped him from crawling on his hands and knees cutting trees and bushes to clear two acres of overgrown forest, preparing the land for a home and a farm. He learned to be a plumber, electrician, carpenter and painter, and I followed him every step of the way, amazed at the challenges he would undertake and overcome. I don’t know another human being I admire and respect more – I really look up to him – he’s King in my eyes! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


27 thoughts on “Photo Poem: I’ll Always Look Up To You

    • Thanks very much! I was right there, handing him the tools… I’ve learned to be a very good assistant, as long as he can tolerate the camera – I love to photograph all our diy projects so we can laugh at all the crazy things we learned how to do together!


  1. Hi Aisha, This is such a beautiful love poem, coupled with the idea of “looking up”. I find love poetry the most difficult of all to write. Your husband sounds like an amazing man and an amazing person. The photos are great, and he seems to be very agreeable to letting you make him pause while you capture a picture. Your love and happiness make me smile 🙂


    • Thanks Robin, that’s so sweet! He really is a great guy, and we are very blessed to be such a good team together. Our best times are when we are building things or other diy stuff together. ;^)


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    • Ameen, my dear Sister Zara, and Allah increase the love in your life too, ya Rabb il alameen, ameen!
      You remember I was so happy to find you and your blog, because I’m learning about Rumi? I just finished my article which I wrote about Rumi for EdenKeeper, maybe you will enjoy reading it, insha’Allah!
      Allah bless you my sister, I deeply enjoy and appreciate your writing very much, you really inspire me, masha’Allah! ♥♥♥ ;^)


      • Ah absolutely! Yes I remember that:)
        Wow; I’ll be sure to read your work very soon!
        Thank you so much; your support and love is truly appreciated:) Ameen to your beautiful dua!
        With much love


      • Dear Aisha…

        Your profound thoughts on Rumi just shows how much depth there is within your beautiful soul….that is a miracle of Rumi…for his reflections most certainly enlightens the heart..masha’Allah!!! Brilliant:):)

        I would love to collaborate with you on a poem…what are your thoughts on that?:)

        If so..please email me at

        With much love



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