Supershort Stories #1: I Have a Cold Already

These supershort stories are simple exercises in creative writing, based on plots generated by Plot Generator 1.3 app by ARCAPPS for android. The stories are fictional, but some parts are true – I enjoy weaving my children’s lives into the story for the challenge and the fun. I also challenge myself to cover every detail in the plot, while keeping the story to three paragraphs, but this is a really tough challenge!

Plot 1: You are at a secluded cottage by a small lake. Someone manages to disgrace your reputation as a lawyer. You are feeling trapped. You are given a large bribe, and must choose to accept or decline.


“Mom, I have a cold already!” I couldn’t help remembering so long ago when my then 5 year old daughter used this line to stay outside and play in the new fallen snow.

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I had insisted she go back inside before she catches a cold, and her logical answer stayed with me all my life.  I watched now from the huge picture window of my weekend rental cottage as the snow filtered down through the thick forest of pines, slowly draping the boughs and covering the small frozen lake. I felt a bit comforted, watching the snow erasing the day to a background of white. I had come here to escape the disaster engulfing me, but I felt it was probably too late. “Me too, Sweetie” I whispered aloud to the little girl in my memory, “I believe I have a cold already, too!”
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