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Aisha’s Egypt: Little Shepherd Boy

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“Grab the camera, the sheep are coming!”
This is a wonder to behold. You can never underestimate the captivating power of a passing flock of sheep.
Well, maybe you could, but not me!
Especially if they are herded by an adorable little boy taking his duty so seriously.
You can see it in his face, the way he lightly flicks his stick to contol his herd’s advance.

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Egyptian Fun Foto: Rooftop Roses

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This week’s Fun Foto Challenge on Cee’s Photography Blog is having fun with two-tone photos.
Cee says, The only requirement is that there are only two colors in your photo.   
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Egyptian Fun Foto: Bicycle and Bananas

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"Egyptian Bicycle & Bananas" © Aisha Abdelhamid

Today I discovered and began following a wonderful blog, “Cee’s Photography.” Cee is an incredibly creative soul with a talent for sharing her fun with many other creative souls through several different challenges she has originated on her blog. I’m looking forward to participating in her “Share Your World” weekly activity, but the Fun Foto Challenge caught my sleeve and tugged my hand until I found myself wanting to join in the fun!
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