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Aisha’s Egypt: Where Old Ways Stay the Same

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Where Old Ways Stay The Same
Where old ways stay the same
There’s usually a good reason
Ways don’t tend to disappear
When shown appreciation
Love, good manners, and kind regard
Tend to wither with neglect
Seasons change and pass with time
Transitioning unchecked
Until no longer remembered
Until unneeded anymore
Until with unfamiliar face
Love slowly closes the door
© 2015 Aisha Abdelhamid


Photo Poem: The First Thing I Notice


♥ Remembering my first thoughts when I received this photo on 9 June, 1999 ♥
♥ Dedicated to my wonderful, loving husband Mohamed ♥
♥ On our ♥
♥ 29 July, 2014 ♥

Fifteen years is not a really long time,
Though sometimes it feels like forever –
Sometimes it feels like we have lived
Three lifetimes together
But I’ll gladly take 15 more –
I’m not ready to retire
Just because I’m breathing heavy
Doesn’t mean I’m tired!


This is one of my favorite photos! It was taken by my awesome brother Jim’s awesome wife Corrine!
Visit their excellent travel blog for more awesome photos at:
Reflections Enroute


My First Reblog! Poem: Speak To Me In Kisses

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Special Thanks to Crysta at Dancing With Fireflies for reblogging my poem, Speak To Me In Kisses. This is my very first post to be reblogged! Click the link below to visit me at Crysta’s wonderful blog:

Poem: Speak To Me In Kisses.

Poem: There Was A Time When Things Were Different


“There was a time when things were different,”
My Buddy whispered to me.

“Back when I was a little guy,”
He continued wistfully,

Hopping from limb to limb, and then
He flew to another tree.

I flapped my wings and followed him,
But he was evading me.

It didn’t use to be this way –
My son used to follow me.

Now he is grown and on his own,
Soaring high and flying free,

Sunlight catching his bright red head
And flashing his bright green wings.

Prefering now to be with friends,
He’s no longer needing me.

Soon he will fly away for good,
Never again to be seen.

“There was a time when things were different,”
My Buddy repeated to me,

“Back when I was a little guy,”
He continued wistfully,

“But wherever I go, Mom, I will fly
Carried by your love for me.”

Then he flew away, not saying goodbye,
With my love tucked under his wings.

Dedicated to my son, Buddy – I love and miss you!
© 02/03/2014 by Aisha Abdelhamid

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Submitted to the Speakeasy Grid, week #147 at yeahwrite.me – This week the prompt is the sentence, “There was a time when things were different,” to be used as the first line, and some reference to be made of the photo of the two birds at the top of the post. Like to learn more? Click this logo to join us:


Poem: Combing The Beach In Winter

Subtitled: Beachglass Jewelry Set with Matching Poem

Bits of colored glass
Like fragments from our past
Lay scattered on the sand
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Oh, catch them, catch them fast
These bits of colored glass
Like fragments of our past
And gather them one by one

String them like so many memories
With edges smoothed by time
Yet retaining the soft translucency
Of colorful days gone by

Don’t lose the wonders and mysteries
But string them like so many memories
With edges smoothed by time
Faded like a winter sky

The greens and yellows and blues
Are the gardens I grew with you
While our love was growing
While our flowers were blooming
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