“Saladin at Cairo, 1171-1173” Saladin And The Crusades, from Lane-Poole, Part II, Chapter VIII

Excerpt from Chapter VIII: “…Insurrection and intrigue…troubled the serenity of Egypt. A number of Egyptians and Sudanis, and even some of the Turkman officers and troops, joined in the conspiracy; the Kings of Sicily and Jerusalem were engaged to assist by promises of gold and territory; and preparations were a-foot for a combined attack by sea and land, in which Saladin was to be enmeshed. Fortunately the whole plan was betrayed to the intended victim by a divine to whom the conspirators had unwisely confided their secret. Saladin waited until his information was fully confirmed, and then swooped down upon the plotters, seized the leaders…and had them all crucified on the 6th of April, 1174. The revolting Egyptians and black slaves were exiled to Upper Egypt.”

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Illustration: Gold coin of Saladin struck at Alexandria in A.H. 579 (A.D. 1183-4)

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