Aisha’s Egypt: Duck Market Day

Aisha's Egypt: Duck Market Day

Duck Market Day
Carrying her duck perched high on her head
She’s walking her duck to the market
He pokes out his head to get a good look
Observing his fate, sitting patiently
He calmly enjoys the view from on high
While the ducks back home view his privileged life
As the lucky duck who gets to travel
Escaping the farm with the farmer’s wife
How smugly he smiles and proudly displays
His best behavior while riding her head
Ignorance is bliss even for a duck
Travelling the world in an orange basket
Carried on the head of a farmer’s wife
As she walks her duck to the market
This moment of fun will soon be over
Life changes like that, and soon life’s over
Someone will eat him for dinner tonight
He won’t return home with the farmer’s wife
Even lucky ducks living privileged lives
Travelling the world while riding high
May escape the farm with the farmer’s wife
But won’t escape fate when it’s dinnertime
© 2015 by Aisha Abdelhamid


25 thoughts on “Aisha’s Egypt: Duck Market Day

  1. Loved your little quirky line at the end Aisha… Shame this little ducks fate is already sealed… But what a High ride before his fated end.. Beautiful poem..
    I hope all is well with you and yours Aisha.. Lovely to catch this post… Hugs to you .. Sue xxxx ❤

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  2. awww poor duck!! Great poem Aisha and so nice to be blissfully ignorant at times. None of us know what fate will bring but we poor humans have imaginations that keep us worried about what next lol! A good reminder to live and enjoy the moment!! 😀

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  3. Hi my sweetest friend Aisha!I am still on holidays and away from Athens,but your flag counter says from Athens;how funny,it must be something wrong,it’s not exact,I’m afraid.
    Lovely duck poem with a strong moral concerning our predestined future and fate …
    Right now,it was my destiny to come by and say hi to my lovely friend Aisha …
    Hope you’re keeping well.Sending you Love & Warm Hugs as always 🙂 ❤ xxx

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    • Thank you so much for your visit, dearest Doda! Yes, my people tracker is often wrong, I think it tracks the location of the server, or it’s just wierd sometimes, lol! Hope you’re having a wonderful lovely time in gorgeous Greece, or wherever your fate may take you! Love and hugs and big smiles back! ❤❤❤;^))))

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      • I am so glad you noticed my comment Aisha Dear.Now,I’m in Athens,but it just says Greece.
        You are in my thoughts,I miss you my sweetest friend,you are not a person that once met,can be forgotten … Hope all is fine with you and your beloved ones!Take care and have a wonderful,peaceful evening!Big Hugs of Love to You my lovely friend:) ❤ ❤ ❤ xxxxxx


    • mmmmm yes, duck is very popular here! I guess you have some really delicious recipes that I could try next time I pull one out of the freezer – lol I got mad about them destroying my garden and put them all in the freezer where they learned to be much more polite, lol! how do you like to prepare duck? ;^) ❤ ❤ ❤


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