Ep. 8 – Joyride to Egypt: Twenty Questions

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A zombie puts out more effort in half an hour than I did in that whole, long, incredibly awful weekend. My stomach was in knots the whole time, as I wondered if I was shooting myself in the foot. Insha’Allah, only the foot, and not the heart! I kept trying to reassure myself that I did the right thing, shutting off the computer for the weekend. I needed time to think.

Mr. Answer To My Prayers really did seem like the right name for this fascinating Egyptian man. The more I read, and re-read, his three emails so far, and compared it with the ad he made for finding a wife, the more I liked him. The more excited I got at the prospect of marrying a man living in Egypt! Of course I had no way to be sure, but he sounded genuine to me. I felt it was possible he was telling the truth. I also felt it was very possible I would throw up! Thank God, it rained like a hurricane all weekend, and the kids kept quiet in front of their TV upstairs. A big delivery from Pizza Hut kept them happy, while I stayed in my bed, tossing and turning.

On the one hand, I was encouraging a man to pursue me for marriage, knowing full well he was completely unacceptable to my entire family. I wasn’t asking anyone’s opinion, but I wasn’t ignorant.
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