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Aisha’s Egypt: Where Old Ways Stay the Same

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Where Old Ways Stay The Same
Where old ways stay the same
There’s usually a good reason
Ways don’t tend to disappear
When shown appreciation
Love, good manners, and kind regard
Tend to wither with neglect
Seasons change and pass with time
Transitioning unchecked
Until no longer remembered
Until unneeded anymore
Until with unfamiliar face
Love slowly closes the door
© 2015 Aisha Abdelhamid

Aisha’s Egypt: The Ice Cream Man

ice cream man in egypt by aisha

The Ice Cream Man

Sitting on a shady lane alongside a canal
In a little Egyptian village under eucalyptus trees

With only the rustling leaves stirring in the breeze
I hear the happy music of the ice cream man arriving

The idyllic little moment freezes in a flash
And melts like the memory of a delicious past

Like dripping strawberry ice cream landing on bare feet
Mingling with laughter and dusty childhood dreams

I hear his happy tune from half a world away
Returning like an echo of distant summer days

Sitting on a shady lane alongside a canal
In a little Egyptian village under eucalyptus trees

Sharing strawberry ice cream
With my childhood dreams

© 2014 by Aisha Abdelhamid


Poem: Combing The Beach In Winter

Subtitled: Beachglass Jewelry Set with Matching Poem

Bits of colored glass
Like fragments from our past
Lay scattered on the sand
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Oh, catch them, catch them fast
These bits of colored glass
Like fragments of our past
And gather them one by one

String them like so many memories
With edges smoothed by time
Yet retaining the soft translucency
Of colorful days gone by

Don’t lose the wonders and mysteries
But string them like so many memories
With edges smoothed by time
Faded like a winter sky

The greens and yellows and blues
Are the gardens I grew with you
While our love was growing
While our flowers were blooming
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Shatoetry with William Shatner!

This is the greatest poem generator app – for anyone who enjoys refrigerator magnet poetry, who could ask for more? You get a free app with a huge list of free words, and it generates a short list for you, but you can search and select from the full list any time while creating your ‘shatism’. Every word you select is dragged and dropped anywhere on the page, which is a wonderful background image of William Shatner. You can select from several backgrounds, each with Bill in a different pose to complement various styles of delivery. And speaking of delivery, every word you select has three distinctly different oral renditions recorded by Mr. Shatner, allowing you incredibly creative license with his famously recognizable voice.  Now you can make Captain Kirk say just about anything, and he will wrap it all up in a wonderful video for you to share with everybody!

So here’s my first request of the Captain, and which I remorsefully dedicate to my failing short term memory:

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