“Truces and Treaties, 1176-1181” Saladin And The Crusades, from Lane-Poole, Part III, Chapter X

Excerpt from Chapter X: “…How it happened is not clear, but this much is certain, that on the 25th of November, 1177, in the absence of the greater part of his army, Saladin’s men were surprised at Tell Jezer, near Ramla, and before they could form up, the knights were hacking them down. At first the Sultan retired fighting, and tried to get his men into order of battle; but his bodyguard was cut to pieces around him, and he was himself all but taken prisoner. Seeing that the day was lost, he turned at last, and mounting a swift camel rode for his life. A remnant of his troops escaped with him, and throwing away armour and weapons, and leaving the wounded to their fate, fled under cover of night pell-mell to Egypt, where they arrived after great privations.  Of the rest of the army that had marched so gleefully to the despoiling of the Holy Lands, few survived. Famine, cold, and heavy rains completed what the sword began. Never had Saladin’s arms known such disaster…”

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