Gold Wire and Tiger Eye Choker

aishas tiger eye choker w workshop background 8x8 300dpi

Taking a break from writing lately has left me with free time to enjoy my beading projects once again! This is my latest creation, a choker made from gold-filled wire, with tiger-eye drop beads dangling from it. I liked it so much, I made a bracelet in the same style, and then added earrings and a ring, too.

Recently I was commenting with my new blogging friend, GRADMAMA2011 about making jewelry, because she mentioned in a post about getting off her computer chair to sit down at her beading table. I mentioned that I do just the opposite, because I do my beading early in the morning and then move to my computer after that. She made a beautiful necklace with tiger eye beads lately for her daughter, I hope you’ll take a look.

When I told her I had also lately done something with tiger eye beads, she encouraged me to post a photo of mine, too, saying, “Let’s put our creations on our blogs so they don’t just languish in a drawer someplace. :-)”

What a great idea! I haven’t posted anything in my jewelry category in ages, so I took a few pictures of the new set I made. In the top photo you can see how I display my jewelry on a sheer curtain beside my beading table. I probably get more enjoyment out of looking at all my fun projects than by actually wearing them. They are collecting dust, but I can’t bear to hide them away in a drawer. They are eye-candy to me!

Do you have a spare time hobby? If you haven’t posted about it, take GRADMAMA2011’s advice and put your hobby on your blog – leave me a link and I’ll enjoy checking it out – let’s share the fun!

Here’s a closeup photo of the wire and tiger eye set:

aishas tiger eye and wire choker set 5x7 300dpi


21 thoughts on “Gold Wire and Tiger Eye Choker

    • lol, thanks so much, Mary! I love making these things even more than wearing them. In fact, the harder the project the better – like reading a really big book, I get lost in it and love that very much! Thanks for visiting! ;^) ❤ ❤ ❤


  1. I enjoy looking at these lovely things so much that I’m back again! I am making some necklaces and/or bracelets for my great-granddaughters, who are 8, 9, amd 10. Want to make something they can wear and enjoy now, also have a keepsakes for years to come. I gave the eldest a bracelet that I had made before, just a simple design with square stitch…I really like it. I’d like to do an elaborate wall-hanging, but chances are I’d give it up…I am SO impatient, always have been.

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    • I think it’s wonderful that you are creating legacies for your children and grandchildren! They will perhaps be inspired to similar creative pursuits and always thank you for it! My grandmother taught me to knit one year on Thanksgiving day when we were all impatient for the food to be ready. I was around 10 or so, and learning to knit really opened up a big, wide world of creativity for me. I lost my grandma a few short years later, but she is still so deep and warm in my heart, may God bless her soul. Keep posting your pics, I really enjoy sharing with you!
      ;^) ❤ ❤ ❤


      • great-grands actually 🙂 I have some things that were my grandmothers, and in some glass and china things I have little notes that say “DO NOT destroy or give away this item, under penalty of my eternal displeasure” anything that was my grandmother’s is sacred!”


  2. Fabulous work Aisha Dear!Your work reminds me of some very special jewelry from ancient times exhibited in our Greek Museums!Much Kudos my friend,you have done excellent work!Much love,hugs & kisses to you 🙂 ❤ Doda xxxx

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