Poem: No One Could Ever Know


No one could ever know
What happened here
No figment of our fantasy
Will ever reappear
To indicate our passage
Of time in cyberspace
That’s just an old computer
Useless, wasting space

But I flew with you like Lois Lane
Holding hands with Superman
I flirted with you like Scheherazade
Conversing with her Sultan
I rode with you like Princess Jasmine
On a carpet with Aladdin
I danced with you above the stars
In a moonlit corner of heaven

I counted with you the shooting stars
Showering us with light
I echoed your cry like a wolf on a mountain
As we traversed the night
I followed your call and trusted you
And you guided me to your shore
I found you true and I married you
And you carried me through your door

No one could ever know
What happened here
No figment of our fantasy
Will ever reappear
To indicate our passage
Of time in cyberspace
That’s just an old computer
Useless, wasting space

But the screen of your eyes
Still shines clear
In each pixel of light
Your loving words appear
Brightening the mischievous
Smile on your face
As you remember our fun
Flying in cyberspace

Dedicated to My Beloved Husband, Mohamed, may Allah grant us Paradise together!
© 02/09/2014 by Aisha Abdelhamid

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Submitted to the Speakeasy Grid, week #148 at yeahwrite.me – This week the prompt is the sentence, “No one could ever know what happened here,” to be used anywhere in the post, and some reference to be made to the song, “Counting Stars,” by OneRepublic. Like to learn more? Click this logo to join us:

Submitted April 15, 2015 to Crysta’s great blog, “Dancing with Fireflies” for her weekly challenge. This month the theme is Romance, and this week Crysta is asking for reviews of favorite books, or a romantic poem, meme, etc., so I think it’s a great opportunity to share this romantic poem about online dating that I wrote for my husband in memory of all those great times we had online before we actually “met” and married!

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38 thoughts on “Poem: No One Could Ever Know

  1. This is such a sweet love poem. Knowing the whole story behind your poetry is what makes it even more interesting. And its cute how you always have Scheherazade and Sultan in your love expressions =)


  2. My friend, I smile in delight at this beautiful story, of two souls who met in cyberspace, and their stars aligned to bring them to a happy union.

    Your work is darling..perfect rhyming and meaning verse. I applaud this piece; it is MARVELous..like a fairy tale told to us in secret…no one could ever know…sweet!

    AND I LOVE your artwork; it is Lovely!! … That should be framed and hung on a lovely mantel…as a fantasy escape for the viewer to find their own story. I would! 🙂


    • You are so sweet, Tonia, your words make me smile from ear to ear! Thank you Dearheart, you really make me happy, knowing you understand my story! I pray for you to have the same deep love and friendship and fun too!


  3. I like the whimsical/magical feel of the adventures in cyberspace. The “No one could ever know
    What happened here” stanza is my favorite one, and the repetition of it led this to a beautiful close.


  4. Such a nice blend of new and old and pop culture. My wife just directed Arabian Nights at her school, so I knew every reference…and the fact that these characters met, or mingled on the internet…such a great idea with the prompt.


  5. This is such a beautiful poem, and so touching to read the dedication at the end. Some are never lucky enough to find such a caring partner to spend their life with and some are not lucky enough to be able to express it so perfectly. You are truly fortunate!


  6. What a romantic poem and a fitting dedication to your husband-may your love continue to grow and become stringer:-) Enjoyed the repetition of the first stanza-lovely writing:-)


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