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Ep. 10 – Joyride To Egypt: My Turn To Dance

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The lights were low and the music was playing softly in the background. My usual nightly routine after tucking my children into their beds always brought peace to my little condominium on the edge of the pine tree forest. Our street was the last one in our community, dead-ending at the woods, which sloped gently down to the bank of a creek. My condo was one half of a duplex, the last building on the street, enjoying this prime location of quiet, undeveloped woodlands. The community was gated and guarded and a very peaceful place to live. Leaving my patio door open at night was never a concern, and as usual, this night the warm breeze drifted lazily in, bringing with it the clean scent of pine.
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Poem: No One Could Ever Know


No one could ever know
What happened here
No figment of our fantasy
Will ever reappear
To indicate our passage
Of time in cyberspace
That’s just an old computer
Useless, wasting space

But I flew with you like Lois Lane
Holding hands with Superman
I flirted with you like Scheherazade
Conversing with her Sultan
I rode with you like Princess Jasmine
On a carpet with Aladdin
I danced with you above the stars
In a moonlit corner of heaven

I counted with you the shooting stars
Showering us with light
I echoed your cry like a wolf on a mountain
As we traversed the night
I followed your call and trusted you
And you guided me to your shore
I found you true and I married you
And you carried me through your door

No one could ever know
What happened here
No figment of our fantasy
Will ever reappear
To indicate our passage
Of time in cyberspace
That’s just an old computer
Useless, wasting space

But the screen of your eyes
Still shines clear
In each pixel of light
Your loving words appear
Brightening the mischievous
Smile on your face
As you remember our fun
Flying in cyberspace

Dedicated to My Beloved Husband, Mohamed, may Allah grant us Paradise together!
© 02/09/2014 by Aisha Abdelhamid

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Submitted to the Speakeasy Grid, week #148 at yeahwrite.me – This week the prompt is the sentence, “No one could ever know what happened here,” to be used anywhere in the post, and some reference to be made to the song, “Counting Stars,” by OneRepublic. Like to learn more? Click this logo to join us:

Submitted April 15, 2015 to Crysta’s great blog, “Dancing with Fireflies” for her weekly challenge. This month the theme is Romance, and this week Crysta is asking for reviews of favorite books, or a romantic poem, meme, etc., so I think it’s a great opportunity to share this romantic poem about online dating that I wrote for my husband in memory of all those great times we had online before we actually “met” and married!

Join us at Crysta’s blog: http://fireflydance.net/2014/04/11/weekly-challenge/
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Ep. 7 – Joyride to Egypt: Oh Please Pinch Me

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I hit “save.“ I hit “print.” I hit “reply.” Then I sat staring at the computer screen until I became dizzy. It was my move in a very strange game of Chess. On the one hand, I really wanted to capture that King, and on the other hand, I am a very bad chess player. It takes foresight to imagine several moves into the future and their possible outcomes, but I can’t even hold three numbers in my head to prepare the right bill for the cashier at the grocery store.

For a woman whose career is in computers, having a math disabilty might seem a tad illogical. I compensated in college with a great memory, and in my job, by reading and keeping every manual and every bit of documentation.

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I don’t have to know how to do everything, I just need to remember where the instructions are… or the calculator, as the case may be! But, helpful as this is in the insane technological race to upgrade our universe, it’s a completely useless strategy for winning at Chess. I actually never read that set of documentation… My daughter once conquered the rubiks cube by memorizing those instructions, but thereafter never touched it again, as it had become ‘boring.’ My takeaway from this lesson is, ‘don’t be too hasty to conquer that King!’

I might have a problem with Math, but I don’t have a problem with Logic!

And I figured out what’s good for this Queen, is doubly good for that King. Speed was probably not the best strategy, here, afterall. Mr. Answer To My Prayers is obviously already traveling at warp 7, and I’m going to get eaten alive!
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Ep. 5 – Joyride to Egypt: I’ve Got Mail!

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Looking back now on the message I sent out to “Mr. Answer To My Prayer” with so much hope, I think I sounded so forlorn. It was a really difficult time for me, trying to find my wings after being caged for so long.

I really wanted to marry again, but I certainly didn’t want to make another mistake like my first marriage had been. My ex was a miserable husband, angry at me all the time and completely impossible to please. If he asked me a question and I answered ‘no,’ he could blow up. If I answered ‘yes,’ he could blow up. His temper was so irrational and explosive, I fell into an emotional coma as a coping measure to avoid confrontation with him. He was so controlling, so I just turned myself into a robot. I didn’t speak much, I just did whatever he wanted me to do. 
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Ep. 3 – Joyride To Egypt: Seeking Wife To Be Love & Friend

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I was sitting inside the double door on the left

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Something blocked the sunlight streaming into the doorway, and I quickly glanced to see what had happened. Silhouetted in the doorway was the frame of a man not wearing a long shirtdress like the man who had earlier offered me the cup of mint tea. This was a well dressed man in a suit jacket and slacks, a professional gentleman with exquisite manners, eyes of a hawk, and the joyful smile of a very happy boy. Everytime I looked at him, I saw something else I liked. His fingers were smooth, with nails carefully trimmed, hands strong as steel, but he caught my hand gently in his as I stood to greet this interesting stranger I had just married the day before.

He asked me to please bring the children and come with him to oversee the work being done to the second story of the house, as he liked my approval of his plans. I liked the sound of his voice so much, I could have followed him to the end of the earth if he asked. His heavily accented english was so suave, so french, so rich dark chocolate delicious, I was completely attentive to his every word, like hearing the most beautiful love poem being recited for the very first time.
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Ep.1 – My First Cup of Tea in the Oasis


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My last glimpse of reality was three days prior, July 27, 1999, at 3 a.m.

I had been soaking in my hot tub on the patio of my condo, trying to soothe my jumpy nerves.

Now I sat reflecting on that lovely moment of 3 a.m. bliss. It was summer, the night was a cozy dark blanket between me and the rest of the world. My kids were asleep, our bags were packed and stuffed in the car. We were ready for our 5 a.m. exodus from reality.

My children thought we were going to see the pyramids.

I was soaking in my hot tub as a kind of ritual cleansing. I wanted to wash my old life off and start my new life fresh and clean. My whole family thought I was crazy. One of my brothers had tried had to dissuade me, even threatening to tear up my travel documents to “protect” me and my kids. My mom was so upset that at the last minute she refused to let me park my car at her house and would not give us a ride to Newark International Airport as we had earlier planned. I was already a nervous wreck, and this new thought of paying for half a month of parking at an airport added another heavy burden in my baggage.

I leaned back in the hot water, eyes closed, and played “on the one hand” and “on the other hand” one more time. The result was always the same, always exciting to the point of shivering, even in a bubbling hot tub. Maybe I was crazy, but I knew I was going to do it.

I was going to Egypt to marry a man I met on the internet.

I had never laid eyes on him, and it was all arranged. Within 24 hours of our first meeting, I would be his wife. Signed, sealed and delivered.

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Poem: Oh Cairo

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Cairo Airport at Night - from http://www.egyptdaytours.com


Stepping out of the airport doors 
Into the heavy night air 
I fill my lungs like a love-struck bride 
At the scent of her husband’s cologne 
Exactly as an addicted ex-smoker 
At the scent of burning leaves 
Or upon entering a smoke-filled room 

Oh Cairo, Ya Qahira 
All of Egypt is contained in my lungs 
So heavily laden is your scent 
It is both noxious and obnoxious 
Exhilarating and exalting 
Addicting and sensuous as my husband’s cologne 
So complex is your corporate perfume 
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