“The Conquest of Mesopotamia, 1181-1183” Saladin And The Crusades, from Lane-Poole, Part III, Chapter XI

Excerpt from Chapter XI: “…The possession of Aleppo made Saladin the most powerful ruler of Islam. From the Tigris to the Nile, and along the African coast as far as Tripoli, many great cities and different peoples owned his sway. His name was prayed for in the mosques from Mekka to Mesopotamia. When he wrote to the Pope, he even used the style, “Rex omnium regum orientalium,” and of all the eastern princes within his reach he was undoubtedly King. But to be incontestably supreme over this wide dominion he must still take another step…”

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Illustration: Silver Coin of Saladin, struck at Aleppo in A.H. 582 (1186-7)

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