Aisha’s Office: I Love Shopping in Egypt!


I just love shopping in Egypt!

There is a blessing for my shopping-challenged heart here in Egypt that erases all the heart attack symptoms that arise whenever I find I need to go out shopping for something. I just sit down and shop for it online. It’s awesome. My blender just broke and I never broke a sweat. I just let somebody else figure out where the best priced blender is hiding in the midst of the busy market-place. I just type in!

Then some nice person drives all the way from Cairo to my front door, just to see me smile when they deliver it like a birthday present! And they wait patiently for the payment, right there at my door, too – no problem!

I guess you’d like shopping in Egypt, too, now that you know what I mean! is my favorite online shopping site. It makes me feel far, far removed from the busy city. And they really did the smartest thing by calling their sale “white friday” – ahhhh  comfortable connotations, a nice clean white shopping experience… heavy sigh of relief, peace descends on my soul, yes, let’s go shopping at where everything is nice and clean, signs are clearly marked, and prices are not “suggestions.”

Everyone who made a purchase at during that brilliant white friday sale received a very special thank you, too. I just found out in an email that teamed up with, and is offering 3 months of free premium movie streaming to everyone who bought something during their sale! Wow, that’s awesome – is the perfect online movie and tv show streaming website around. They have all the latest Hollywood, Bollywood, and Jazwood (arab movies) all lined up ready to play. They even offer the movies in English, French and Arabic, and with subtitles, too. See, here’s the flyer that came in my email:


[Click here for the arabic version of their flyer]

I’m excited about because Tv is a global pain in the butt. Even with a satellite dish on our roof, I’m not impressed with the idea of watching somebody else’s program lineup. I love choosing what I want to watch, whenever I am free to sit down and enjoy it. Movie streaming is definitely the way to watch tv and movies. And icflix has the variety I want, because I love Hollywood quality movies most of the time, but I also love Arabic and Bollywood flicks with English subtitles!

So in my email offering me my free 3 month premium movie subscription with, they say I can share my activation code with anybody I like, and they can have a free 3 month subscription, too.  The activation code is ICFLIXSOUQ – they said just enter that code when you sign up.

So I tried it out, first, to make sure it was for real. They say to go to and sign up for a free account. Or go to the iTunes store or to Google Play, for mobile icflix apps. I’m on a samsung galaxy tab2, so I went to the google play store and found it here. This is a screenshot of the free icflix app in google play:


I am not a very trusting soul, so I clicked on the Read More link, to make sure that icflix is really all that. It sounded great, lots of free content, along with premium choices, too, but I was nervous about sharing it, if it wasn’t really true or they were hiding some details in the fine print. Here’s a screen cap of the details:


I decided it looked good, so I installed it. I forgot to sign up with the ICFLIXSOUQ activation code, though, because I let it sign me up using my facebook account. But even that was covered in the email, they said even if you already have an account with, just go to My Subscription in the menu and enter the ICFLIXSOUQ code there to activate the free three months of premium service.

So that’s what I did after it signed me up using my fb account. No hidden requests for a credit card, no surprises, just enter the code and voila’ – three free months of great movies! (Here’s a screencap:)


I hunted for a movie, and started watching The Eagle – I’m a sucker for Roman Gladiators and hunky warrior types of every nationality! I put it on pause so I could write this post and share it with you all – it’s a great deal!

I hope you’ll check it out! Free movies for three months are waiting for you! Just sign up with and activate your subscription by useing the code ICFLIXSOUQ!

Now… back to my beefcake… lol what can I say more than this, except Thanks God!!! Alhamdulillah!!!

30 thoughts on “Aisha’s Office: I Love Shopping in Egypt!

  1. I love on line shopping and am so glad to hear that you can enjoy it, too. And your White Friday sounds much, much, much more civilised than the Black Friday we had in the UK, where people went to the shops and fought over things. I’m so ashamed of some of our citizens sometimes. Such greed, instead of appreciating what they’ve already got, which is quite a lot compared to some places in the world.
    I’ve never watched a Jazwood movie with sub titles but I’d really like to, as I’m a great fan of sub-titled foreign movies and tv programmes.

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    • I think you will love the movies with the subtitles, that’s how I learn a lot more arabic, too, since I hear them speaking, but see the translation at the same time – it’s really effective! Use the code and get three months free – bollywood movies are loads of fun too, they sing and dance a lot! ❤❤❤;^)

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  2. I no longer have TV either but find I’m limited with Netflix in Canada…I enjoy many British and foreign movies. I recently saw a lovely romantic movie, sorry no.gladiators, The Lunch Box…excellent…I watched it twice. Thanks for visiting my blog btw.

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  3. loved your shopping post Aisha and you do right to be a little mistrustful there are far too many untrustworthy sales pitches about and people who try to hack into your systems these days.. So I was pleased all was well..

    Have a wonderful Holiday time dear friend xx ❤ Love Sue

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  4. well times sure are a changing – online way to go! also like the sound of “white friday” but did you know where the word black came from in that term? It had to do with businesses getting their bank books from the red (debt or under sales) into the black (profit or stable) – but white just sounds cool. 🙂

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  5. Hi my sweetest Aisha ! Like a comet again I landed on your magnificent blog where I always find something interesting written by you ! Hope you are keeping well my friend and that life is treating you well !
    When I saw ” White Friday “,I thought that something was wrong with my eyes … lol .So much better than the frightening ‘Black Friday ” .I read all about the and the icflix and I find it quite practical although I rarely do that when I can go personally and see what excactly I buy.The icflix is really fascinating and you can watch even quality films.Glad you enjoy on line shopping and especially free entertainment !
    Sending you Love,Peace & Blessings your way , Doda 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

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    • Dearest Sue, what a beautiful and generous gift, thank you very much! Happy New Year to you and all your loved ones, my dear friend, may God bless you with peace and love and success in all your endeavors! ♥♥♥;^)))


  6. Never knew you are a shopaholic 😛 I guess every girl has a passion of shopping. I have never tried online shopping but have heard a lot about it from others. I just love shopping after trying on and touching the thing that I buy 😛 Hope you are having a great start of New Year my friend, Sending you love xx


    • Hi Lala! Happy new year, dear friend and sister! You know what, I love to shop online because everything is so easy to reach, lol, I don’t get tired from walking and searching. Maybe if I had a nice big shopping mall nearby, tho, that would be different… Lol, no, that would be awesome!!! Love and hugs and best wishes to you, too, Sweetheart! ❤❤❤;^)


  7. I dread having to go shopping at one of the malls, they’re always packed! Shopping online does have its benefits, I’m glad you’ve found a compromise! I love watching Amazon’s Instant Video online while in Egypt, but I use a VPN otherwise I’d be unable to access it. Have fun watching!

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    • Honestly, I’m still waiting for my first trip to the mall in cairo you told me about! Lol, I don’t get out much! We went to carrefour in alex and I felt I was almost in paradise compared to the horrid streets of el mahala. I keep dreaming of the new carrefour in tanta, but it’s 4 years now and I don’t think it’s gotten beyond the “fence and sign” stage yet… heavy sigh, ahlan wa sahlan!
      Hope you are well! Thanks so much for visiting me! ♥♥♥;^)


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