Poem: “Damn Cold Day!”


“Damn cold day today!”
He entered on the attack.

“Indeed it is, Sir,
A very fine one, at that!”

Uninvited, unwelcome,
And lacking in tact,

“Your house looks like crap,”
He scowled and growled back.

“Indeed it is, Sir,
A very fine one at that!”

I faced him, smiling,
Never giving him my back.

He sneered at me boldly
And tried another tack,

Cursing like a sailor,
“That’s a damn ugly cat!”

“Indeed it is, Sir,
A very fine one at that!”

Unable to argue,
I watched his face turn black.

Disgusted and confused, he spit,
“I’ll be right back!”

“You’re welcome anytime, Sir,
Please do come back!”

I sat there and waited, but
He never came back.

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“Damn Cold Day!” © 1/26/2014 Aisha Abdelhamid

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Written and submitted for the Speakeasy Fiction Slam And Poetry Jam, Post #146. This week’s prompt is to be used as the last sentence: “I sat there and waited, but he never came back.” The video prompt to be referenced is “C is for Contrafibularity,“ and I referenced it by using the first two lines of the clip.