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Aisha’s Egypt: Duck Market Day

Aisha's Egypt: Duck Market Day

Duck Market Day
Carrying her duck perched high on her head
She’s walking her duck to the market
He pokes out his head to get a good look
Observing his fate, sitting patiently
He calmly enjoys the view from on high
While the ducks back home view his privileged life
As the lucky duck who gets to travel
Escaping the farm with the farmer’s wife
How smugly he smiles and proudly displays
His best behavior while riding her head
Ignorance is bliss even for a duck
Travelling the world in an orange basket
Carried on the head of a farmer’s wife
As she walks her duck to the market
This moment of fun will soon be over
Life changes like that, and soon life’s over
Someone will eat him for dinner tonight
He won’t return home with the farmer’s wife
Even lucky ducks living privileged lives
Travelling the world while riding high
May escape the farm with the farmer’s wife
But won’t escape fate when it’s dinnertime
© 2015 by Aisha Abdelhamid


Poem: Oh Cairo

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Cairo Airport at Night - from http://www.egyptdaytours.com


Stepping out of the airport doors 
Into the heavy night air 
I fill my lungs like a love-struck bride 
At the scent of her husband’s cologne 
Exactly as an addicted ex-smoker 
At the scent of burning leaves 
Or upon entering a smoke-filled room 

Oh Cairo, Ya Qahira 
All of Egypt is contained in my lungs 
So heavily laden is your scent 
It is both noxious and obnoxious 
Exhilarating and exalting 
Addicting and sensuous as my husband’s cologne 
So complex is your corporate perfume 
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