Gold Wire and Tiger Eye Choker

aishas tiger eye choker w workshop background 8x8 300dpi

Taking a break from writing lately has left me with free time to enjoy my beading projects once again! This is my latest creation, a choker made from gold-filled wire, with tiger-eye drop beads dangling from it. I liked it so much, I made a bracelet in the same style, and then added earrings and a ring, too.

Recently I was commenting with my new blogging friend, GRADMAMA2011 about making jewelry, because she mentioned in a post about getting off her computer chair to sit down at her beading table. I mentioned that I do just the opposite, because I do my beading early in the morning and then move to my computer after that. She made a beautiful necklace with tiger eye beads lately for her daughter, I hope you’ll take a look.

When I told her I had also lately done something with tiger eye beads, she encouraged me to post a photo of mine, too, saying, “Let’s put our creations on our blogs so they don’t just languish in a drawer someplace. :-)”

What a great idea! I haven’t posted anything in my jewelry category in ages, so I took a few pictures of the new set I made. In the top photo you can see how I display my jewelry on a sheer curtain beside my beading table. I probably get more enjoyment out of looking at all my fun projects than by actually wearing them. They are collecting dust, but I can’t bear to hide them away in a drawer. They are eye-candy to me!

Do you have a spare time hobby? If you haven’t posted about it, take GRADMAMA2011’s advice and put your hobby on your blog – leave me a link and I’ll enjoy checking it out – let’s share the fun!

Here’s a closeup photo of the wire and tiger eye set:

aishas tiger eye and wire choker set 5x7 300dpi