“The Battle of Hittin, 1187″ Saladin And The Crusades, from Lane-Poole, Part IV, Chapter XIII


The Battle of Hittin, from a Medieval Manuscript

Excerpt from Chapter XIII: “…The highway from Acre led over the plain, and not a single spring or stream of any size existed between the camps. It was the hottest season of the year, and a long march for infantry divided the hosts of Christendom and Islam. From the peak of Hittin, the watchman looked towards the west over a sunburnt plain, with long grey ridges dotted with bush to north and south. Behind him lay the Lake of Galilee, seventeen hundred feet below, shut in with precipices mirrored in its shining waters, with Hermon on the north, rising snow-streaked over the valley of the Upper Jordan… …Defeat in such a position meant disaster to the Moslem forces, hurled down the slopes and driven into the lake; but in order to attack, the Christian army must cross the waterless plain, and after a long march would find the enemy covering all the springs and streams that flow into the lake…”

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