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Poem: “Life Journey,” a Collaboration with Zara


My Seagull Soul by Aisha Abdelhamid ©

Life Journey

No baggage allowed; no extra weight permitted
No provisions required by the soul embarking on that journey
How shall I survive, what shall I sacrifice?
I suddenly feel so heavy!

Come empty handed! Heavenly gifts await you beloved 
Throw away needs of body; seduce the heart to submission
A miraculous strength of truth unveils her presence
How lovers welcome your arrival! Adorned with intentions of righteousness

I am shy as a child in the light of truth’s lightness
Tremulously stepping forward in search of submission
Hands outstretched to cast off bad habits
My toes disappear with the release of each burden!

Sink into His Ocean of love; drown away each sorrow
Swim deeper for what tears hearts is its distance from home
A child fears of not such a journey my friend
Ignite the wings of love and return to His Court once again

© 2014 by Zara Hussain & Aisha Abdelhamid

What a pleasure to collaborate on a poem with my new blogging sister, Zara! If you already know her, you will surely not mind me expressing my deep appreciation for Zara’s incredible poetic eloquence, because I’m sure you feel it too!

And if you don’t yet know Zara, please allow me to introduce you to someone whose poetry will light your heart with a very special glow. In my quest to learn more about Rumi, I came across Zara’s website and fell in love, perhaps enchanted is an equally appropriate word, with her soul and with her poetry. I swear she writes with the Pen of Rumi, I am so impressed with her loving eloquence! You can imagine my great pleasure when Zara asked me to collaborate on a poem with her, what a deep honor! I am totally out of my league just standing beside her, barely able to untie my tongue, let alone compose a poem on her level. So, admitting this truth and asking her to guide me was the best approach I could imagine for our collaboration, and this forms the basis for our poem. Her guidance is brilliant, pointing me to the Brightest Star, in search of the Greatest Truth, by following the Best Way.

Please take a few extra moments to visit Zara and allow her poetic expression to caress you lovingly, her poetry is a virtual spa for the soul!

Life Journey (2014)

(via http://zar4h.wordpress.com)

No baggage allowed; no extra weight permitted
No provisions required by the soul embarking on that journey
How shall I survive, what shall I sacrifice?
I suddenly feel so heavy!

Come empty-handed! Heavenly gifts await you beloved
Throw away needs of body; seduce the heart to submission…

Please click here to read more of this poem on Zara’s website!


Photo Quote: The Nest In Rumi’s Rose Garden

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While researching topics for interesting articles I’d like to write for EdenKeeper.org, I fell in love with a 13th century poet named “Rumi.” Spend an hour with this incredible gentleman, and I guarantee you will understand completely. One hour was enough to change my life – that warm glow of love entered my heart like a warm embrace from a very compassionate soul who understands my deepest feelings! I had to know more – who is this man with only one name, “Rumi?” Why is he able to speak so clearly to my soul, crossing continents and cultures and centuries as if they don’t exist? Rumi jumped to the top of my list, becoming my highest priority, and my newest love. Further down the page, I’ll share with you all my latest article for EdenKeeper.

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Poem: Notorious Little Girl

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Her parents are always telling her
what to do next
But their discouraging misguided
advice deflects
She receives their warnings as things to
challenge and test
She hates it when anyone tells her
what to do next

Her rebellious independence she
proudly protects
Her bravery victories over
all their protests
The confidence and fearlessness in
her face reflects
How she hates it when someone tells her
what to do next

All of her character flaws she once
asked them to list
In her rebellious nature which they
wanted to fix
Then she listened and attempted to
correct her step
But she found herself trapped some place where
she didn’t fit

It happened so often that she learned
not to listen
Nor repeat her mistake when on each
past occasion
Deluded into false direction
on false pretext
She waited for someone to tell her
what to do next

© Aisha Abdelhamid

Dedicated to Rumi’s poem, “Bewilderment,” which you can find on Karen’s blog here. I read her post with this poem a couple of weeks ago, and it burrowed itself into my brain. Since reading it, I recognize that I didn’t become Muslim without becoming “Notorious” to everyone around me. This week’s prompts reminded me of my rebellious youth, and riding this current train of thought, I recognize that Allah created me rebellious to prepare and strengthen me for my coming transformation! Masha’ Allah! (“God does what He wants!”)

from Bewilderment, by Rumi:
…Forget safety. Live where you fear to live.
Destroy your reputation. Be notorious…
– Rumi


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Submitted to the Speakeasy Grid, week #150 at yeahwrite.me – This week the prompt is the sentence, “She waited for someone to tell her what to do next,” to be used as the last line in the post, and some reference to be made to the video by Future Shorts, “The Black Hole.” I referenced the final scene of this hilarious clip, where the man is trapped in the safe. Like to learn more? Click this logo to join us: