Aisha’s Egypt: Mizmar-izing Music


My Daughter Watching An Egyptian Horse Dancing To Mizmar Music

The greatest thing about having a blog is my opportunity to share all the excitement of everyday life in Egypt. From my high school days, I have loved Middle Eastern music. I made weekly trips to the Record Store in town to check out the latest LP’s in the World Music bin, spending my saved up lunch money on awesome sounds instead of disgusting cafeteria food. When cassette players came out, I made cassette copies of my albums, and I still have several of those old cassette tapes. Fast forwarding to my forties, when Mohamed and I married and he came to us in the States, I once played my favorite old cassette while we were driving. He listened in amazement and asked where did I get that music? He told me the name of the artist and the song, and said he listened to this when he was growing up, back in his village in Egypt! We were stunned to think that we were both enjoying the same music 25 years earlier, on two separate ends of the earth!


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