“Jerusalem Regained, 1187″ Saladin And The Crusades, from Lane-Poole, Part IV, Chapter XIV


Korean Painting of Saladin Entering Jerusalem

Excerpt from Chapter XIV: “… The articles of capitulation were signed on the 2nd of October (1187), the Feast of St. Leger. By a strange coincidence, it was the 27th of Rejeb, the anniversary of the blessed Leylat el-Miraj, when the prophet of Islam dreamed his wonderful dream, and visited in his sleep the Holy City which his followers had now recovered after ninety years of Christian occupation.

Balian returned to the city and announced the terms. They were accepted, with gratitude and lamentation. The people groaned and wept, and would not be comforted; they kissed the holy walls which they might never see again, and bowing their faces on the ground before the Sepulchre, watered the sacred spot with their tears. To leave Jerusalem was to tear the hearts out of them. But there was no help for it; the Moslem flag flew overhead, the keys were in the Saracen’s hands, and in forty days the city must be delivered up. Never did Saladin show himself greater than during this memorable surrender. His guards, commanded by responsible emirs, kept order in every street, and prevented violence and insult, insomuch that no ill-usage of the Christians was ever heard of.  Every exit was in his hands, and a trusty lord was set over David’s gate to receive the ransoms as each citizen came forth.

Then began a strangely pathetic scene…”

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