Aisha’s Egypt: The Ice Cream Man

ice cream man in egypt by aisha

The Ice Cream Man

Sitting on a shady lane alongside a canal
In a little Egyptian village under eucalyptus trees

With only the rustling leaves stirring in the breeze
I hear the happy music of the ice cream man arriving

The idyllic little moment freezes in a flash
And melts like the memory of a delicious past

Like dripping strawberry ice cream landing on bare feet
Mingling with laughter and dusty childhood dreams

I hear his happy tune from half a world away
Returning like an echo of distant summer days

Sitting on a shady lane alongside a canal
In a little Egyptian village under eucalyptus trees

Sharing strawberry ice cream
With my childhood dreams

© 2014 by Aisha Abdelhamid


40 thoughts on “Aisha’s Egypt: The Ice Cream Man

  1. Thank you so much, Cybele, the ice cream man brings smiles to everybody’s face, doesn’t he! It’s one of the wonderful professions, lol, truly underappreciated by many, but so valuable to the community! I’m passing you an ice cream cone – catch it before it melts on your bare feet!!! ❤❤❤;^)


    • Yes!!! I enjoy cheb Khaled so much! I don’t know much french, but I definitely love that song… aicha, aicha, ecoutez moi… lol, I could listen to him all night long! Thanks for the great big smile on my face right now ;^D ♥♥♥ ;^D


  2. I remember listening for the ice cream truck as a little girl! Your poem brought back nice memories for me, Aisha! I liked this line in particular: “Mingling with laughter and dusty childhood dreams” – it really expresses the feelings associated with the ice cream truck!!

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  3. this is terrific – I read it twice and plan to read it once more before I leave – but your word choices and analogy – well it is so universal because we all have our ice cream man melody – so in that sense this becomes a poem for all – but yet your personal touch made it even more layered – really enjoyed this 🙂 ❤

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    • Barak Allah fiki, my dearest Zara! So happy to see you – alhamdulillah, I’ve been very busy with my new life as a writer, but insha’Allah I will find time to visit you shortly, I always look forward to your breathtaking poetry! ❤❤❤;^)

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  4. How lovely is your little poem Aisha, and love your new Logo, you look radiant! 🙂 And I fell in love with your little ice-cream cart.. Oh so much nicer than the Ice-cream vans we get in Summer.. Although they now come few and far between, as everyone now buys in bulk from supermarkets..

    I know as a child we never had freezers and so would so so love it when the ice-cream van came around… We would not always get one bought us as there were 5 of us, But some times my Mother would go out with a bowl and ask if the icecream could be put into it as it was cheaper without the cones 🙂 So we would then get fruit and icecream, a special treat.. 🙂

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  5. Lovely poem Aisha! One has to eat their ice cream so fast in summer before it melts away! particularly if there is a breeze blowing. I used to take my Mum to the beach for a gelati a while back. I have such happy memories of ice cream at the beach!

    thanks for making me pause awhile and remember! 🙂

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