Aisha’s Egypt: A Heavily Loaded Horsecart

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A Heavily Loaded Horsecart

Sometimes there’s a very fine line between a blessing and a curse
A blend of triumph and dismay swirling like a question mark
Whispering in the misty place between ignorance and conscience


Sometimes there’s a very fine line between a blessing and a curse
A heavily loaded horsecart and a heavily burdened horse
Enough cash to buy some blankets but not enough to buy a truck

Sometimes there’s a very fine line between a blessing and a curse
Do we celebrate the ancient ways for their low carbon hoofprint
Or cry for the sad environment of the weary beast of burden?


Dedicated to the incredible work animals of Egypt
Aisha Abdelhamid © 2014

A special little note to all my wonderful, dear friends and blogging buddies –

Thanks so much for your beautiful friendship and support helping me grow this tiny little slice of blogger’s pie – Aisha’s Oasis turned one year old on Dec. 5! I thank God for all the new friends and enjoyable activities that have entered my life in this past year, it’s really awesome fun to be a blogger!

I must apologize to many of you for not making my rounds as frequently any more. In a year of amazing changes that blogging has brought me, I’ve received several writing opportunities that are now keeping me really busy! I adore writing, it’s so satisfying to be doing this, I must admit. Writing for is a huge blessing, allowing me to share Islam in ways I never even imagined doing. I’ve been promoted to co-editor there, so you can understand I’m spending lots of time writing my own articles and editing others – what a great opportunity and blessing!

On top of that, I started writing for (owned by the same media network as EdenKeeper), and if life wasn’t full enough of surprises, I was offered the top boss position of InspiredEcon in November. Don’t get too excited, it’s only me there, no other writers or anything, so it’s a great title, but it’s a website of one! Maybe it will grow, though, I’m trying to learn how to help that to happen. This is really new territory for me, I’ve never been the Director of anything more complicated than my kitchen, lol, so I’m learning the ropes daily! If you have a streak of geek, check me out at

Last week, I received one more interesting twist in my busy life. A media company left me a note on my about page here on aishasoasis, offering to pay me to write publicity posts for them. They want me to write blog posts about their company, to share their news with my readers. Honestly, I know that some of you will think that’s a shame to “go commercial,” and I respect that. But I will be even more honest and tell you, I need the income.

Don’t cue the violin, I’m not going to sing a sad song or go into family details here, just please be understanding that I need to do this and I’m really thankful to have received the opportunity. I wanted to offer you all my sincere thanks and appreciation for your generosity, sharing your friendship and time with me like you all have done over the year. I’ll still be plugging away slowly at my regular posts here, sharing my photos and poems, and sending Scheri in every now and then to dance for us on my joyride posts. And Saladin will, God Willing, finish his history here, bit by bit, too.

I’m thinking to hide a new section on my Poetry& Prose page, called Aisha’s Office. That’s where I’ll file the publicity posts, if I get rolling in that direction. I’ve received my first assignment, and my deadline is thursday, so if they accept it you’ll see it pop in as my next post. Just ignore it, if it’s not your style, I’m totally understanding! On the other hand, they are a pretty cool company, a kind of global netflix, so who knows, God willing, maybe we’ll all be pleasantly surprised… I sure hope so!

Thanks again, every one of you are extra special blessings for me!
God bless you all with every good dream you are dreaming!

28 thoughts on “Aisha’s Egypt: A Heavily Loaded Horsecart

  1. This is wonderful! So many writing opportunities. When it rains, it pours, right? 🙂 I always appreciate writing opportunities like this. You never know where they might lead. I hope it’s writing you enjoy. Money on top of that is icing on the cake. Congratulations!

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  2. Lovely your poem and the dedication to those hard working animals ! It’s not only in Egypt that work hard,I suppose, it’s the same everywhere where they have them.Love horses for their power and also for their peaceful nature !!!

    I am overjoyed to hear you have developed such a brilliant career because you really deserve it my lovely Aisha ! You are so talented,my dearest friend ! I have never stopped admiring your writing skills,your rich knowledge and your incredible imagery !!! Much Kudos !!!!!
    Stay well and keep shining ! All my Love from the bottom of my heart and Huge Hugs xxx ❤ ❤ ❤


  3. After reading a few of your initial posts I thought you were financially comfy so this blog stating you need the money did surprise me but I guess situations change …. Good luck , I like your posts.

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    • Thanks very much, Ana, yes, life changes sometimes dramatically in few short moments. But insha’Allah, everything that happens to us is for the good, no matter what it looks like at the moment. Loss of income is pretty scary, but life goes on and we didn’t lose our love… in the end that’s way more important, isnt it?!♥♥♥;^)


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