Ep. 9 – Joyride To Egypt: “Slow Down!”

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Two days and three nights without any oxygen seemed like more than enough time to put out Mr. Answer to my Prayers’ fire. I would never admit it to him, but in the passage of those two days, I think a tiny spark caught me by surprise, because I felt a warm glow emanating from a little hidden corner of my heart.


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There is so much persuasive power in a well-mannered conversation! No one had ever spoken to me with such kind and compassionate words. The term ‘gentleman’ had never before carried any significance with me, being as meaningless a word as ‘mister.’ Yet, reading the emails of this fascinating Egyptian, I recognized both manliness and gentleness present in the personality of someone for the very first time in my life. I could no longer stop myself from writing to him again, no matter what might happen. I was compelled by a force greater than I could resist.

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Postcard from Egypt

Early on Thursday morning I returned to my computer to reply. On the one hand, I wanted to slow Mohamed down because I couldn’t see any point in chasing hormonal butterflies by email. And on the other hand, I couldn’t be sure I wanted to chase those butterflies at all without first seeing them with my own eyes. And I was also thinking, on the one hand, a trip to Egypt could be quite exciting… pyramids and camels and King Tut, oh my! But on the other hand, I felt it was a much safer idea asking Mohamed to come visit me first, in Virginia.

Since our divorce, my children’s father made life difficult for his entire family regarding their relationship with me. He harrassed them loudly about maintaining ties with me, and it wasn’t long before I was isolated. Without any of my own family members nearby, I was completely alone in my struggle to care for my two young children in this time of emotional upheaval. My sense of responsibility for their safety became considerably stronger, as I realized how difficult it might be finding a trustworthy sitter for my children while I visited with a foreign man. Not that I had room on my shoulders to carry any more anxiety, but this new concern suddenly heightened my fear of sitters, and of strange men.

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Typing quickly, I rode my roller coaster emotions through the hills and valleys of fun and fear. In a fog of blind uncertainty that looked more like a rose colored mist of hope, I hit ‘send,’ and then got the kids ready for school in a rush. I couldn’t confide with anyone at work about this new Egyptian man in my life. I felt the story was too controversial, especially with folks who work for the military, so I hit the ‘autopilot’ button as I entered my office, and kept my controversy to my isolated self. Fortunately or not, no one noticed a thing, since I had been on autopilot for so many years that nobody knew me very differently than this.

But now, there was one person in my life who did know me differently, and it changed me completely from that moment forward. That tiny little spark in the corner of my heart was just begining to shine in my eyes, and I watched the clock with a tiny smile twitching on the corner of my lips. My secret wanted to escape from my mouth as badly as I wanted to escape from my office!

Autopilot is a wonderful app for the Human Operating System, isn’t it? Always accessible, never crashes after an update, and knows exactly how to get you through any insane situation! Subhan’Allah – Glory to God, our Creator is an Awesome Engineer! The next thing I knew, I arrived at Spacestation Hotmail and, hovering over the portal of ‘mohamed@egypt.net,’ I hit ‘enter’ and was transported in…

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Egypt seen from space - Click for original

From: Mohamed Abdelhamid

To: Aisha

Date: Thu, 17 Jun 1999 17:14:40 +0300

Subject: Re: Salam ya Aisha ;^))

My Dear Friend Aisha

Thank you very much for the nice long letter. I will try my best to slow down as you want me to do, but I am not sure I can do.

Aisha wrote:
Yaaaaa Mohamed
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You know I should not dare to encourage you……! Hahaha you are the funny one, you seem like a hard man to slow down….. ;^)))

Slow down!!!!

Ok, I got the picture… Maybe I should say I got the chemistry lesson… So that’s why I have to be very honest with you Mohamed, we should meet face to face before we should encourage such thoughts… And there is so much to be amazed at about each other, oh, don’t get too distracted, that would not be too funny right now either!

I will try

I still do not think you are real, but I’m starting to tickle when I wonder. And then I wonder about verrrry verrrrry many things… Oh I had never dreamed I would know you and ask you… What is life like for you, my new and interesting Egyptian friend?

Life for me is simply a very short trip. We have to enjoy it very well by Halal way, and we must leave our fingerprint with the very good memories in our friend’s heart to live with them after we go!

How do you spend your day?

As you know I am very honest. I spend my day for now by different way than before. I do the important things like going to my bank, or some government office, or my accountant, the Tax Office, and most of the time with my computer. I read my friends letters like your letter. I am trying hard to find the right lady for the rest of my life. This is the most important thing in my life now, and anything else can wait. I can do it later. To be honest with you as I am trying to do always, you are the latest friend I have, but your name jumped to the top of that list very fast

And how far away is the American schools…

Which schools? And why? Are you thinking about working again after you will be with me? I don’t think I could live without you even one hour! Anyway the closest one is in Cairo, one and a half hours drive

hit Refresh to display this! Hahaha pinch me, I’m actually considering getting out my Cairo book and checking this all out on a map…


perhaps you have a genie and he is tickling me…

Hahaha I took karate, and I will defeat your genie…

Call him off!


karate girl original & genie original

I know a genie you can’t kick away, especially if he comes from inside you: The Love!

Hahaha that’s better – thank you very much for such sweet and thoughtful answers, you are a sultan of sweetness, aren’t you?!

Could be, but it is reality when I am in love

Well, I am smiling at the thought of you, and in fact I’m wondering if we might meet… What is in my fate regarding Mohamed?

I feel you will involve. You will feel in love with me very much, and you will marry me. I believe I will be your fate for the rest of your life.

This is my next logical question… Oh, and by the way, I loved your words,

>“forget about the past, you have to understand Allah draws our fate, our choice is just reason, but we have to accept our fate, and look forward to a happy future”

they were so similar to words I read in ‘alf Layla wa layla’ (1001 nights)

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Alf Laylah wa Laylah - Click for original

Sometimes the reality is more beautiful and more great than Alf Laylah or any dream

Very nicely said, I like your way of looking at this and it’s good advice.

Thank you

I think you might consider coming to Virginia Beach for a visit…

If I decide to go there I will do to vist you, not Virginia, to see you and give you chance to know me enough. I am sure you will choose me if we become very close. Are you scared from love??

I think you said in an early letter that you did some import of Egyptian goods in Canada… I wonder if such a place as this would be good? I don’t know anything about business, really, but I have had the college and the good career, I’m savvy enough to understand the big picture, I just don’t care to worry about the details of running a business.

Never mind about business, I worked hard all my life and the most important thing for me now is to share my life with you and we can relax in Egypt without worrying about business or working. Or we can do whatever you like us to do.

But the ‘6 month here, 6 month there’ idea has some merit I never thought of myself, Mohamed… that’s actually a thought to consider, I suppose… anyway, what I’m saying is I’d like to invite you to visit Virginia Beach, so that we can meet.

hit Refresh to display this! I am really very happy to hear from you this invitation. I love to see you personal, and I am very excited to do, but I am afraid!! I told all my family and my friends I am going back to Egypt for good to retire there! So I would like you to know me more and more before we meet, at least you feel something or decide something about me…

But to go all that way to reach you before I know where is my place in your heart, it could be break my heart very cruel, after I have very deep feeling about you. When I move from here, it would be very clear for everyone round me here that I found someone there, so if I come back by myself it will hurt me very much.

Please learn about me more, and don’t worry about my feeling. I love you already.

Oh, please don’t think I’m offering more than a meeting, but if you really are serious about marriage, then I don’t think you will have a problem understanding.

I’m very understanding.

I believe very firmly in marriage and I’m not interested in anything less, and I’m a little bit defensive about it…

With me you don’t need any defensive, because I never like to get anything not mine, or at least someone loves to give me it

Sorry about that, it’s just that I am a single mom and my two children are totally dependent on me to protect their safety as well as my own. I love my children completely and I take that responsibility seriously.

I couldn’t understand what do you mean by “protect your children safety” – is this from me?? If I decide to go there, it is meaning I decide to be dad for your kids before I will be your man!!

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But I want to be responsible and honest with you, too, Mohamed… we should meet, don’t you think?

I love to do, but I am waiting the more questions you keep doing. It will be a good point for me, to give me enough space in your heart

Well, of course I still want to keep doing these questions, like the things I asked about earlier in this email, I will be very glad to know your answers to them…

I think this is a very nice way to help us know each other, and I want to tell you thank you again for smiling with me, my sweet friend.

I would like to take off your glasses and eat your beautiful lips, can I?? 
You will always be my lovely sweet best friend forever, whatever you choose.

Salam wa Tisbah ala Khair, ya Mohamed

All my love to you and your kids

So much to think about… Every time I read a new email from this fascinating man, I could hardly believe this is happening to me. So much to think about…!! So much of his heart he revealed to me… who could write like this and be lying? I couldn’t believe that anybody with cheap interests would express such care and compassion for me, my children, and even for his own heart. I was happy that he asked me some questions, this time, too. He tickled me with delight by asking, even after I had demanded he slow down, if he could take off my glasses and eat my lips. Bad boy! However, he put his finger on a very tender spot by asking me so directly, “Are you scared from love??” I felt my heart stop, the question was so unexpected and direct. I sat motionless in my seat, pondering the answer to that one…

“Captain’s log, stardate 3468.1. While approaching Pollux IV, a planet in the Beta Geminorum system, the Enterprise has been stopped in space by an unknown force of some kind.”


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9 thoughts on “Ep. 9 – Joyride To Egypt: “Slow Down!”

  1. what another lovely chapter!!! I only found your blog last night, through a friends blog, I have read all of your updates, and I LOVE YOUR STORY!!!!! I wish i would have known about you years ago, when i visited Egypt, because my husband and I actually did some different tourist things, and i was probably about 1.5 hours outside of Cairo!!!…Please keep reading, and i’m going to start planning my next trip to Egypt, Hopefully in 2 more years, we will go back:)…


    • I’m so happy to see you again! I’m really happy you’re joining me on this ride, you’re so sweet! We are north of cairo, about half way to alexdandria, in the middle of beautiful farmland. Where were you when you were here?


  2. Well, we were supposed to drive from Cairo to Alexanderia however, the day before we should have gone, we just got back from Flying from Aswan to Abu Simbel, spending about 2 hours at the temple, then flying from Abu Simbel to Cairo, so after all of that traveling,( mind you, we first arrived in Cairo, spent 2 days their, then flew off to Luxor, where we cruised to Aswan) we did not want to spend another several hours in the car driving to Alexanderia….So, our tour guide too us to a Camel market!!!!! it was great to see, first hand, the daily life of Egyptians that don’t live in Cairo, and so interesting how they get the camels all to one spot!!!!!! I remember driving to the Camel Market, and seeing all these lovely farms :)….such a beautiful place Egypt…I would go back in a heart beat


      • Yes!!! we were pretty much the only tourist their, so i got a true glimpse into daily life….of course, you couldn’t stand in one spot for too long with out risking a camel charging in your direction!!! i loved when we were driving up to it, we kept seeing pick up trucks, with these little heads peeking out over the top!!!! i got a ton of pictures just from the car ride!!!! It was an awesome day!!!!! i wish i could share my pictures of my trip, are you on Facebook??? can i email them to you in a more private forum??? lol:)

        you new friend from NY:) ( but who’s heart will always be in Egypt)


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