My First Blog Award!


This is quite exciting, I like awards! On Jan 6, 2014, I was nominated by A Mom’s Blog for the Reader Appreciation Award. Thank you so much, Zainab! I’m really new to blogging, having only just started here on Dec. 5, 2013, so I honestly consider it a huge honor to have made so many friends so quickly. I can not thank you all enough for the kind words and encouragements you have offered with your friendship! But I will try: Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! But it’s still not enough ;^)

So, now I will happily share with you all 7 things about myself:

1. I absolutely love being Muslim – Islam is my anchor

2. I hope I will die a martyr – insha’Allah by any of the nonviolent means!

3. I hope I will go to the Paradise, and be my husband’s wife there, too, insha’Allah, I love him so much

4. I was born into a nice big Irish Catholic family, there are no muslims in my family except me

5. I went to Catholic school through the fourth grade, and learned to love God from the nuns there

6. I never dreamed of growing up and becoming Muslim, or an Egyptian, but I’m very happy that it happened

7. I’m very thankful for ALL the blessings Allah has given me, but especially my son and daughter!

Now for my Nominees for the Readership Appreciation Award, I’d like to offer it to the following excellent and appreciative bloggers who took the time to read and comment on my blog posts. Thank you for your friendship! I appreciate you! Xoxoxo ;^)

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1 Shadows of the Divine
2 Loving Food Fasion & Life
3 Browsing the Atlas
4 Go Go Gadabout
5 The Hungry Artist

Congratulations, and thanks for being such delightful readers! The rules for accepting your Award are to link back to this post, share some things about yourself, and select your own nominees for this award.

Thank you, once again, my dear new friend and sister, Zainab! Please visit her wonderful blog!

Please click here to visit my ‘About’ page to see more awards that really great people nominated me for!

11 thoughts on “My First Blog Award!

  1. Your points touched my heart Ayesha ! Never knew these and after knowing them, the respect for you in my heart has grown much bigger !! I felt proud for you when I read that you are the only Muslim in your family. Being a martyr and going to paradise should be the top most priorities of every Muslim ! Many congrats for your first award sweetheart and a bundle of thanks for nominating me. Much Love. JazakAllah ! xx


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