23 thoughts on “Ep. 4 – Joyride to Egypt: Salam wa Smiles, 40 yrs, 5’5″

    • Did you really! Lol it was so scary back then – everybody knew somebody who had disappeared after falling in love with someone on the web – it was like the perfect opportunity to get kidnapped or something else much worse! Were you scared, too, as I was?


  1. The mainframe computer looks crazy advanced. I’d be afraid to even be in the same room with it—what if it was going to attack me when I’m not looking?! Pretty awesome you get to work with them.

    Good on you for mustering up the courage to go for what you wanted. Not always easy!


  2. Dear Aisha;

    Lovely story… I saw that many people online have met their beloved ones at matchcom or online dating sites. I should give it a try !!! By the way I tend to be quite skeptical when it comes to long term relationships. And I just avoid further engagement when it comes to relationships…

    Anyway back to the post… That add you have sent him is so wonderful.. That strategy led by the motto: “Reply to this ad with your ad” seemed to work perfectly at the end.. ❤

    Thanks for this Joyride to Egypt. I so much enjoyed this episode.

    Best wishes & many hugs, Aquileana 😛


    • Hi Aquileana, thanks so much for reading, and your comments are so relevant – this is where I was at that time, too, everyone was frightened of the “madman/rapist/online stalker” – me too, I was scared to death by the fear of the unknown!
      But when I thought about the fact that we dont know squat about the guy we just met in the bar/starbucks/church/farmer market and we don’t have a problem going out with him tomorrow night.. even though he, for all we know, could be that madman/rapist/online stalker… well, I just decided it’s safer to stay away from bars/church/farmer markets! At least for the purposes of dating!!!

      It is so much easier to hit delete than having to change your phone number when a guy turns into a nutcase after a few encounters… and being forced to correspond by email only will weed out the bad guys pretty quickly – madmen/rapists/online stalkers are pretty lazy about open honest platonic (lol ;^) knew you’d appreciate that one) conversations that continue over an extended period of time, or at any rate he will hit delete on you and go look for easier prey.
      Or you will figure out he’s a jerk and hit delete on him, either way, the email correspondence trick is a great strategy for weeding out the jerks, and the one who sticks with you is doing it because you two have something in common that is enjoyable – always a great place to start a “real” relationship, right?

      So it’s definitely not guaranteed, but it does have its merits, trying to find the love of your life online, my dear good friend, and I do hope you give it a whirl because as you know well with your very interesting and successful blog, there are many, many intelligent, mature, and loving/loveable men online looking for exactly what you have to offer. Time to prepare your thoughts for the hunt, Artemis… I mean, Aquileana?♥♥♥♥♥ ;^)))


      • ★ ★ ★ Hi Aisha ★ ★ ★

        I am here back again to reply more in depth to your comment…

        Your isnights as regrad to relationships and particularly about the source of them are truly eloquent… You are very witty my friend. I agree with you as regards to the way of meeting men. Online and in “real life” doesn´t differ too much , does it?… As a matter of fact and going further I would say that getting to know someone online give us the chance to know more… The platonic bond is meant to be succesful if the relationship grows up online… That´s my humble opinion . But I do believe we can fall in love without knowing the person in physical terms.

        When it comes to relationships I can take them to the “next level”.. I have had boyfriends but never thought of marrying and so on… I ´d love to have kids though.
        I think I cherish my independence and I am also quite afraid of failing in long terms relationships. I am not so sure if I would be able to change that as I think it has to be with my way of being… Some close friends tell me that my approach is like this because I have never been in love…
        I am not so sure…
        The online /matrix connection does make sense to me.. Who knows. Imagine if I´d ever met the man of my life online …
        You can be my bridesmaid!!:

        Sending you much love & many hugs, my dear Friend,
        Aquileana 😛


        • Wow, that would really be a great honor, Aquileana! I am happy to have this conversation with you, you are right its much easier I believe to get to know someone much better when they are online. “Real” relationships progress too quickly – the temptation to fly too near to the sun, right? ;^) and usually for this reason they meltdown too quickly, too. It’s just a guess on my part, but I feel you are a very intelligent woman and you might be concerned about finding someone who not only appreciates that in you, but also can impress you with his intelligence as well. It’s incredibly important to be academically compatible, altho I feel not enough attention is given to this important point in the Western world.
          Lol do you know any young handsome philosophy professors? That’s a good couple of keywords to remember for match.com or wherever girls look online for husbands these days ;^)
          I’m wishing you the best, Aquileana, and I feel you may be closer to what you’re looking for than you realize!
          ♥♥♥♥♥ ;^)


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