Photo Poem: Leaving The Market


Leaving The Market

Unequally yoked, but equally tied to the fate of their farming owners

A horse and donkey step together, bonded as patient companions

Leaving the market with an empty cart, empty bellies and empty handed

A pair of waterbuffalos tied to the rear, starving and shuffling side by side

Their fates to the same horse and donkey are tied and the sky is as empty as their bellies

The road is as dusty and dry as their eyes, bleak as the future and bleak as behind

From where they are coming, to where they are going, there is far too much in common

© Aisha Abdelhamid 2014

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26 thoughts on “Photo Poem: Leaving The Market

    • Thanks for visiting, Linda, sorry to sadden you! Sometimes the sight of animals in bad condition as those waterbuffalo really upsets me, but I know if they could do something about it, I’m sure they would… ♥♥♥ ;^)


    • So kind of you, Maria, thanks very much. I guess the rose color has faded from my view of Egypt, I see things here that really make me stop and think about their situation, now that I understand more about the life here. Thanks for visiting! ♥♥♥ ;^)


    • Oh, I love that you get that, Cybele! Yes, I see it that way too, sometimes we have a hard row to hoe, as they say, and we don’t have much choice except to just put one foot in front of the other and keep going… thanks so much for your visit, I’m so happy to hear from you, especially I’m thinking you’re on vacation now and I hope you’re having a wonderful time! ♥♥♥ ;^)


    • Yes, Della, many people live this life, maybe not just here, but all over the world. I am so thankful to God for my blessings! And friends like you are the nicest blessing, thanks for visiting me! ♥♥♥ ;^)


  1. I always feel so bad for horses and other animals that have to share the street with cars and trucks. Breathing in all those fumes and hearing those loud engines seems like a horrible ordeal they have to contend with.


    • Yes, it’s amazing to see them crossing the streets! Everyone is really considerate of animals here, cars have brakes, but donkey carts don’t! It’s really amazing to see a whole herd of sheep crossing a crowded highway, I just never seem to have my camera at those great moments, darn it! ♥♥♥ ;^)


  2. You have captured in your poem Aisha the fate of many .. And so many of them are empty and ill fed and yet expected to work until they drop.. which often they do..
    We look further around the world at other continents and see too how children are suffering the same fate,
    Sometimes all we can do is bring awareness, and live our lives by showing those we meet whether they be human or animal that we care.. Giving a helping hand where ever possible and a crumb or a penny or two to help those who are better equipped to help them more..
    Bless your Heart Aisha.. xox


  3. You broke my heart my sweet friend Aisha ; you broke it and I can see some pieces of it on the empty cart.I stretch my hands,I want to caress the heads of the hard working and knacked horses and tell them how much I suffer for their ill-fate … I want to tell them how much I admire them for their patience and their faith to their owners and at the same time,I am thinking how lucky some other horses are,horses which live in rich houses,horses which are kept for riding and walk in deep,green forests … Are we born with our fate predetermined ? How unfair for humans,animals and all the living beings …
    Great your poem,poignant and strong your words and touching your sensitivities …
    If you knew how many times I have red your poem and especially the two last verses … You deeply moved me,my good friend !
    Sending all my love to your ways and plenty of sympathy to the innocent and ill-fated horses …
    Have a brilliant Friday,looking forward to reading more of your work tomorrow :))))))))))) , xxxxxxx


    • Oh, Dear Doda, how sweet and sensitive and compassionate you are, my dear friend! I swear you share in words the same emotions I felt when I saw this, too. Fate is incomprehensible, yes, but so are blessings, amazingly enough, I feel the animals were not suffering – suffering animals are not able to find patience, same as humans, but they patiently plodded along,so I feel God gave them some mysterious mercy… It was an amazing moment, and I’m really happy I was able to share it!
      Beautiful friday, and wonderful weekend to you, too, Dearheart! ❤❤❤;^)

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