Aisha’s Egypt: A Very Versatile Goat

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A Very Versatile Goat Could Be A Great Companion!


It takes a very versatile goat to sit cramped up like that
In a crate on the back seat of a motorcycle
With only her head poking out
I’ve never met a goat like this
Ours would turn into a hairy tornado
If we tried to stuff it into a crate
But look at her, she looks delighted!
Like an adorable, happy child straining to see over his shoulder
She seems to understand the street as if she does this everyday

Maybe her Buddy whistles
At the back door of her barn
And she runs to him, jumping into the box,
And off they go, enjoying the ride together
Going where no goat has gone before
At a speed no goat has dreamed of
She’s obviously enjoying it
I think they must be very good friends
I think a very versatile goat
Could be a great companion!

© Aisha Abdelhamid

Versatility is a really great character trait in humans, as well as goats. It’s challenging, sometimes, when you’ve got 3 or 4 unrelated projects all going at the same time, but some of us thrive on that! This is a post dedicated to Versatility, in gratitude to Arl, of Arl’s World for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you very much, Arl!


Here are the rules for the Versatile Blogger Award:

1.  Create a post and thank the person who nominated you and link your post back to their blog.

2.  Nominate 15 other bloggers that you think have a versatile blog, link back to their blog.  Notify them to let them know they are nominated.

3.  Share 7 little known facts about yourself.


Next, here are 7 little known facts related to my versatility to add to the future wikipedia entry, lol, on Aisha’s Oasis:

1. I love working on 3 computers at one time. It’s very exciting! For example, when the Mubarak revolution happened here in Egypt, Mohamed was here, but I was stuck back in South Carolina feeding the goats and the sheep. I kept 3 computers going 24/7! One was for live streaming al Jazeera channel, one was for twitter feed, and the other was for everything else. It was such an exciting time, one computer was definitely not enough!

2. I can make a Thanksgiving dinner every night of the week. Well, that’s not exactly true, we have to finish the duck and the rest of the leftovers before I’ll do another dinner. But that’s how meals are done here, there’s no such thing as convenience food. To eat chicken wings, I’ve got to go get the chicken out of the yard, butcher it, pluck it, empty it, cook it, and while it’s cooking, go pick some tomatoes and okra for the stewed okra, make the rice, warm the bread, pray I’ve still got some papaya juice in the fridge, because God knows I’m gonna have a nuclear meltdown if I have to go get a papaya off the tree after all this…

3. I like to blog on the roof. I used to like just sitting up there enjoying the view, but that was before I started blogging. Now, I like taking my tablet up there and sit in the shade and click click click, it’s so great, especially after a big meal. I just leave the kitchen behind, leave the whole outside world behind, and come to join all of you in my awesome little blog world! You all are awesome!

4. I write poems on my iPhone in the middle of the night. I can’t help it, they wake me up and beg to be written down immediately. What in the world would we do without that notes app on a smart phone? It’s so cool, I throw the sheet over my head to don’t let the light wake Mohamed and I sit there in the dark and click click click! Then I send it as an email to myself, and it’s available on my tablet without having to rewrite it. Wonderful!

5. I love the WordPress blog events, don’t you? The more the merrier. I wish every post I do could be linked to a different blog event, they are better than parties. I actually hate parties, to be honest, I like to stay home and click click click, lol

6. I love to click click click on my camera these days, too! I was boycotting road trips for the last year or so, I guess I freaked out after too many near misses on the nightmare roads here. The drivers are nuts here, nuts as in imagine all of a sudden it started snowing like a blizzard in hawaii. They would probably drive much better than the average jokers on these roads… So I refused to get in a car for almost a year, but then I got a blog, lol, and all my priorities changed. I want to go everywhere, now, just so I can take photos of all the donkeys, and sheep, and of course, goats on the back of motorcycles!

7. I love awards, too, I know you already know that, but what you might not know is I’ve been nominated for 3 different awards this past week or so, hurray! So I’m really working on these blog posts lately, to add the next round of nominees to the cycle for each one. Stay tuned, I’ve got some awesome bloggers to introduce you all to. Here’s the first round, my 15 nominees for the next cycle of the Versatile Blogger Award:



My 15 Nominees for The Versatile Blogger Award:

1. “There was A Time…”

2. My Space In The Immense Universe

3. Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary

4. Living With My Ancestors

5. Life In The Passenger Seat

6. Loving Food, Fashion, Life

7. Chronicles of Illusion


9. Sunday Post

10. Tinsenpup

11. Unique So Chic

12. Wandering Iris

13. Let There Be Peace On Earth

14. Falling In Love With Diego

15. Nowathome

Thanks again Arl, and congratulations to you all!


I’m linking up with Mani at A New life Wandering ! She’s got an excellent blog, and just started a new blog event to share a small pleasure that you enjoyed this week. Please check it out, and join us!


51 thoughts on “Aisha’s Egypt: A Very Versatile Goat

  1. I love your answers and I give you a lot of credit for being able to cook a meal like that. Wow. It must take a while to put it all together…and I guess it has to taste good too? Cooking is a chore for me so props to you! 🙂 I like WordPress events too, but haven’t found many. Which do you participate in?


  2. Congratulations, Aisha! And thank you for nominating me! I can’t begin to imagine doing all that you for a meal! First, I couldn’t own chickens for food because I’d give them all names and make them pets! HaHa! Wishing you well! 🙂


    • Congratulations to you too, Linda, I enjoy your blog very much! Lol, we used to name all our goats and sheep back in SC, but it never stopped us from butchering them! Good food, grown organically in our own land, can’t beat it! ♥♥♥ ;^)


  3. Aisha dear ! What a delightful post,what a gorgeous poem and what awesome photos.Loved your heroine,this adorable creature and her travelling stories at light’s speed … lol
    You have a great eye for unique moments to capture and imprison indescribable stories ! I would never have imagined to see a great goat traveller in a crate on the back of a motorcycle !!! Isn’t it gorgeous and sweet at the same time ? !!!!!!
    I got my laugh, I have to tweet it away for more people to enjoy this fabulous post of yours !!!
    Love ♥♥♥ and big hugs ,Doda 🙂 xxx


  4. OM ! Nominated for this terrific award ? Why,thaaaaank U ,dear Aisha for this very special honour !
    Feel happy and embarrassed at the same time as it is very hard for me to respond.I would love to,I would enjoy it as much as I would enjoy another nomination given to me by our dear friend Aquileana and some more in the past.I’m struggling for time,I have serious work to focus on and I find it a bit time-consuming.
    I wish I were a contemporary Cicero like you,a versatile character to manage various things at the same time with great ease ; imagine that it is 2:30 after midnight and I have a nightmerish inbox ready to burst out … I do what I do with my WP,Twitter and Flickr work at the expense of my precious sleep. Each day I try hard to respond to all the emails arriving and by the time I finish there is another pile which is left unanswered. I hate being inconsistent and being unable to respond on the spot,really kills me.
    Huge congrats my friend for all the well-deserved awards you receive and many,many thanks for thinking of me and your understanding !
    Love ♥♥♥ and lots of cheers my sweet friend !
    Doda 🙂


    • Dearest Doda, no worries, sweetheart, accepting is always optional, you won it in my book already, and it doesn’t erase one microgram from my appreciation of you if you are unable to spin another cycle of the award at this time. You and your blog are awesome and I love your kind friendship and encouraging support! ♥♥♥ ;^)))))


      • Oh dear,oh dear and sweet Aisha ! You made me feel so comfortable afrer seeing your reply !
        By not accepting the brilliant nomination,I thought it would be a bit offensive and rude …
        Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness and your understanding !!!
        All my love as always ♥♥♥ and a very big HUG, Doda :-))) xxxxx


  5. Very poetic Aisha. I’m also like you, I have three computers, each for different places and situations. Not to speak of the tablet and phone. I suppose I love the immediacy and synchronicity of modern day communication; something that wasn’t there when I was younger.


  6. Aisha – first of all – sorry I have not checked in for a while!
    Second – I totally love your playful and poetic words about this goat – and the two photos make it come alive in more – but a sense of you is infused through your reflection on this goat – and it is just so fun…

    “It takes a very versatile goat to sit cramped up like that…” indeed it does!

    third – like your other readers – I also send my congrats to your nominees
    and fourth – had me laughing about how you make your meals – and the papaya part.

    okay, have a great day

    ❤ ❤


    • Thanks so much for visiting me, Yvette! I know what you mean, sometimes we get really busy. I lost dsl for a week and it put me back two weeks just trying to get caught back up!
      Your comments are so sweet and wonderful, thanks so much! You made me laugh, too, knowing you understand so well! ♥♥♥ ;^)


  7. First Aisha, many thanks for my lovely nomination.. And second.. wow, you truly are a versatile Blogger LOL… love that you can sit up on the roof with your tablet clicking away in the shade.. and I have to say I am well behind in my award acknowledgements.. I must rectify that very soon…
    I don’t have an IPhone, but I do keep a journal at the side of my bed… I found nearly ALL of my poems come in the middle of the night.. Inspiration comes through the ether! and in the twilight hours there is less electromagnetic disturbances as our brainwaves pick up the thoughts we are meant to pass on 😉

    I loved what you wrote about the Goat.. lovely pictures too.. Amazing what gets transported upon the back of a small motor bike.. 🙂 I saw entire families when I went on a business trip to Sri Lanka in the 90’s.. Even a corpse on the way to a funeral! In a shroud of course….. Sri Lanka opened my eyes to alot in the 90’s

    Many thanks again Aisha… and 3 computers!! wow .. I have all on keeping up with my blogging community with one lol.. So well done to your versatility and being so versatile 🙂 and of course Congratulations to you on your award…

    love Sue xox


    • I think you are right about that, Sue, I’ve always wondered why the answer to a problem seems to often pop up in the middle of the night!

      We have seen whole families riding on the motorcycle here, too, it’s hilarious! But a corpse, shroud or not… ewwww! Lol, that’s wild!

      Congratulations on your award, dont worry, take your time, and even if you never get a chance to turn it around and send it back out again, you still won it from me! My policy is it’s yours, you won it and you can display it. If you can’t spin another round, that’s very understandable and shouldn’t really be a condition of accepting. I think I’ll update the rules to include this policy on my next round of awards. I noticed people modify the rules all the time, so I’ll just have to do that too!

      Hope your week is going great, have fun in the garden! ♥♥♥ ;^)


  8. Oh, you are such an interesting lady. I just love those seven things about you. I’ve already thanked you over at my blog for the award but I’m so pleased with your gift, that I’m going to thank you again here. I will get to writing my award post as soon as I’ve submitted my novel somewhere — hopefully in the next few days. Exciting days 🙂


    • Thanks so much, Sarah, and congratulations, not just on the award, but definitely about your novel, that’s awesome, best wishes on great success for you! Take your time, accepting is optional, and there’s no timeline if you do accept. Of course you’ve already won it, as far as I’m concerned! ♥♥♥ ;^)


    • Me, too, I think that’s what surprised me the most… right after I figured out we were following a goat on a motorcycle! I was so happy to have my camera, lol! ♥♥♥ ;^)


  9. That is very kind of you Aisha, the nomination is much appreciated, but I am going to keep my blog award free as it is purely for photography and my recipes. I hope you don’t mind.Maybe I am to much of an introvert 😀
    . Thanks again. Aletta


    • Oh, no problem at all, Aletta, accepting is always optional, I just wanted to express my appreciation for you and your blog, and introduce others to you, as well! ♥♥♥ ;^)


    • Lol, I can understand the attachment! Congrats to you too, sweetheart, and take your time, no worries! I’m going to update the rules to make acceptance the default, and spinning it out again optional. I think it’s more fair that way, you won the award from me already, you should be able to display it, that’s my new rule, and if you are able to spin it out again, great, but if not, that’s totally understandable, too! ♥♥♥ ;^)


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