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Ep. 6 – Joyride to Egypt: From a Mermaid Princess Named Scheherazade

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Pulling the printed email out from under my pillow, I read it again by the early morning light. A whole ocean of opportunity offered itself to my imagination. I vowed, Insha’Allah, God Willing, I will make the most of this opportunity, and use every ounce of my imagination. I had made up my mind. Yes! I would trust this man. I decided I had absolutely nothing to lose by accepting his words as honest. Even if it was all a dream, I decided I would swallow it whole. Hook, line, and sinker. I told myself excitedly, “Yes! Head for the open ocean, girl, and see if he can reel you in!” I was ready to swim like a mermaid princess named “Scheherazade!“
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