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Birds of Egypt: “Um Uway’e,” The Little Owl

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"Um Uway'e," or "Mother of Owl" - Beloved Little Owl of Athena

It was a chilly, drab day in the oasis when this pretty little lady popped in to say “Salam!”

There is a small window in my kitchen that faces the back sundeck and lightens my kitchen chores with bright, happy sunshine. But on this particular day, as I searched out this window for any sign of hope, I sighed at the drab, cloudy and lightly misty skies. Not particularly enthused to return to my dishes, I lingered a little longer at the window. The drab sky, and the drab concrete wall of the room over the garage seemed all of one boring, dripping color.

Then she moved, just slightly, lightly flicking a brown facial feather as though a raindrop rolled down into one of those huge round yellow eyes and she twitched to clear her view. I didn’t even know I was staring at her until that tiny movement. My eyes shifted focus from the drab sky to those amazing eyes. I found her gaze firmly focused… on me! Oh, Delight! My heart leapt with joy, I was so excited to see an owl! In daylight! Alright, half daylight, at best, but still… an owl! Hurray!!
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