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Aisha’s Egypt: 11 Little Secrets & A Liebster!

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I Love The Red Carrots In Egypt

I’d like to thank Sarah Sandoval, of In the Life of Sara Sandoval for being the inspirational muse responsible for this post. On 24 April, 2014, Sara nominated me for “The One and Only Liebster Award!” The rules for accepting this award are to link back to the post where you received your award, reveal 11 things about yourself, answer 11 questions from the one who nominated you, nominate 11 more blogs for this award, and ask them to answer 11 questions. There’s obviously a special relationship between Liebster and the number 11, and I am an especially big fan of special relationships, so I’m quite happy to accept this award and let you all in on 11 Little Secrets of my life in Egypt:

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Aladdin at 35, with his pet monkey

11 Little Secrets About Aisha’s Egypt:

1. I am married to Aladdin!

Lol, not really, but this is my husband when he was working for the Egyptian Government in neighboring Sudan as an Arabic teacher. He had this gorgeous little pet monkey for a while, and the monkey liked to ride around on Mohamed’s shoulder everywhere he went. This special relationship came to a quick end, however, when the monkey kept ruining Mohamed’s nice white galabiyah by refusing to go behind a tree like good monkeys ought to do when they have to go to the bathroom! Buh-bye, Aboo! I’m really glad someone took this photo so I could see how adorable my husband was when he was younger. He’s still very handsome to me, but I have to admit that this is probably my favorite picture of him!

 hit Refresh to display this! 2. I am in love with the donkeys of Egypt

Especially in the countryside, where the agricultural way of life is more common, it often seems there are more donkeys here than cars. There is a very special relationship between a farmer and his donkey. Donkeys are able to find their way into the fields, going where no car or truck can go. They feed themselves politely from the field while the farmer is loading up their backs with bundles. They are the most patient of companions, traveling daily back and forth from home to field and field to market, and finally from market back to home. They obediently carry whatever is required, patiently pulling a cart or a piece of farm equipment, and I love the sound of their clip clopping hooves on the street as they pass by our home.

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