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My Official Bio Blurb

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Aisha (formerly Kathleen) Abdelhamid is a retired Computer Engineer with the U.S. Dept. of Defense, where she worked as an Interactive Multimedia Training Author and Graphic Artist. Her latest work published in this field was commissioned by the U.S. Congress as mandatory training for all new enlistees of all branches of U.S. Military, entitled, “Personal Financial Management,” hosted by Mr. Ronnie Lott, former American NFL football star.

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Sometimes reality is better than any dream!

In her personal life, Aisha is an American woman who flushed twenty years of marriage to a mean, drunk, ‘wasp’ (White Anglosaxon Protestant) in favor of an incredibly loving Egyptian Muslim man she met online. She married him in Egypt after only 50 days of correspondence, and less than 24 hours after their first actual meeting. She is using her binders of printed emails as blog posts on her blog, “Aisha’s Oasis.” Readers are sharing in her new life in Egypt, and enjoying the whirlwind excitement of an internet romance that went right. Very right!
Start reading at: “Episode 1, Joyride To Egypt: My First Cup of Tea In The Oasis.”

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