Photo Poem: The First Thing I Notice


♥ Remembering my first thoughts when I received this photo on 9 June, 1999 ♥
♥ Dedicated to my wonderful, loving husband Mohamed ♥
♥ On our ♥
♥ 29 July, 2014 ♥

Fifteen years is not a really long time,
Though sometimes it feels like forever –
Sometimes it feels like we have lived
Three lifetimes together
But I’ll gladly take 15 more –
I’m not ready to retire
Just because I’m breathing heavy
Doesn’t mean I’m tired!


This is one of my favorite photos! It was taken by my awesome brother Jim’s awesome wife Corrine!
Visit their excellent travel blog for more awesome photos at:
Reflections Enroute


49 thoughts on “Photo Poem: The First Thing I Notice

  1. Wow… Happy anniversary, Aisha… I was wondering how many years… So glad you have been happy all these years. Sometimes we just have to take the plunge and test the waters…


  2. Aisha, Congratulations upon your 15 yrs of marriage .. Wonderful poem and loved the photo’s of yourselves.. .. Here’s to many more beautiful years of happiness to you both… ❤ Sorry I am a little late in my visiting.. xox Hugs to you xx Sue


    • Sue, I think there’s no such thing as late on a blog!! You are always a treat for me when you visit, and I hope for you and your hubby great love and happiness always, too! ♥♥♥ ;^)


  3. What a beautiful poem (both the anniversary one and the photo one)! I love your word choice and the picture you paint of your husband; from the poem alone, I feel so much love directed towards your husband, even though it’s never explicitly stated. The subtleness makes it more powerful.
    The photo of you and your husband is adorable. Congratulations on your 15th Anniversary! I wish you many more happy ones. ❤


    • Thanks so much for visiting me here, Ramisa, and thanks for the wonderful, perceptive comment and lovely wishes! Thank God, my husband really is my best friend and I love him so dearly! ♥♥♥ ;^)


  4. MashaAllah. Beautiful photograph Aisha. 🙂

    May Allah (SWT) continue to shower His blessings upon you both, and have His mecry upon you both. Ameen.

    Do check out my recent Article with regards to the topic of marriage. It will be interesting to hear your views? 🙂


  5. Masha’Allah sister! Congratulations on a marriage of 15 years filled with love and happiness ❤ Truly you are blessed and I pray Allah SWT continues to shower his blessings upon you and your marriage xoxo much love and peace from Canada xoxo


  6. a very late Happy anniversary – and your poem was a perfect ten – so good! ❤ ❤
    and also wishing you a belated Happy New Year – and I hope all of your activities are going well –
    peace !

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