Ep.15, Joyride To Egypt: A Love Letter To Die For

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I heard a familiar soft jingling of coins in the distance behind me as I was just sitting down to my computer. I turned to look and, appearing in a whirlwind of fireworks and mist in the hallway entrance of my condo, that damn Genie appeared with Scheherazade at his side. He stepped lightly to take up his guardpost at the front door. Scheherazade was tiptoeing away from him, unaware that I was watching her as she blew him a kiss and winked, waving goodbye and giggling as she saluted him.

Unable to contain my aggravation, I jumped up from my desk and practically ran across my living room to catch her before she vanished. “Scheherazade!” I snapped angrily, “You have been gone for two days! You said you were only going out for the night! Where in the world have you been?” But giving her no opportunity to answer, I whirled away from her, giving her my back and turning my attention to that damn Genie. He stared at the ground, a totally false expression of contrition on his round, pudgy face. I knew it was false because I saw the corner of his mouth quivering as he tried mightily to refrain from laughing at me. “Disrespectful ingrate!” I cried at him, and yanked hard on his dangling black goatee to put an end to his mischievous expression. “Two days ago you promised to bring her back before dawn!” Rubbing his chin to soothe the smarting pain I had inflicted on him, he surrendered to his sense of humor and, black eyes twinkling, that damn Genie giggled and bowed deeply, saluting me with greatly exaggerated respect. “My Princess, we are early! It’s not yet dawn, oh Queen of the Western Casbah!”

I gave him my back, turning again to Scheri just in time to see her smiling broadly, encouraging that damn Genie with another wink of a dark chocolate eye. Barely able to control my anger, I yelled at her, “Out, out, out! Find somewhere to hide, Scheri, before I put you outside the casbah and have you buried up to your neck in the desert!” Her dark chocolate eyes widened in shock, as she stared at me and frowned. I almost melted, watching her beautiful eyes moisten with tears. Resolved to teach her a lesson, however, I quickly turned away and returned to sit at my computer. She melted into a mist of rose scented musk, but not before I heard her sniff back her tears. My heart pained me like I had just punished my child.

Nevertheless, darkness was descending on the Casbah of the Western Queen, and my Prince was waiting beyond the wall in which my computer was ensconced. With my excitement rising like a shining full moon, I flew like a bright white dove to seek shelter for the night in the safety of his waiting email.

From: Mohamed

To: Aisha

Date: Sun 27 Jun, 1999, 17:11:48

Subject: To Habibaty Aisha

Habibaty, means My Darling, Aisha

As more as I know you, as more as I love you. This is the big true love I am dreaming about for more than ten years. Although I am afraid, I am really enjoying my feeling very well now. I love you very much my Darling. When we are married I will kiss every inch of your body to say to Allah, thank You for the best gift You have given me for the rest of my life.

I think about you every moment, all the time, even when I am sleeping, you are always with me. Do you remember when I told you honestly that I have a list of ladies from many different countries that contact me for marriage? Do you remember when you joked with me and said to me I hope it is not a big list? Do you remember when I wrote to you that you are the last one whom I have known, only a short time, but your name went fast to the top of the list???

It was a long, big list, 27 ladies! I have answered all the questions for all those ladies, I was honest with all of them, and all of them were interested to me. I keep all that information in my computer, maybe one day you will be proud that I choice only you to be my love, my wife, and my girlfriend forever. Any way I am free now because I told all of them that I found the only one woman I was looking for all my life.

It was only one problem with one of them. She was on the top of my list before you reach me and you go to my heart as a whirlwind and run with my blood inside my body as a very sweet drug. She had a problem with me, but I fixed it today. I paid all of the money she lost because of me, I transfered for her today US $628 + the fee for the transfer = $680 US, so she has no any right to complain now. The story was she wants to come to visit Egypt, and we talked about that before I met you. She planned if we like each other, we would marry and she will stay here.

But when I involved with you, I wrote to her to do not come, not because I am afraid to meet her, or I did not trust myself, no way, I know I will stand on my word to you. But because I know she only wants to meet me, she does not really care about visiting Egypt, and I know my heart is already with Aisha. There is no any good reason to meet or hurt any woman else, so I wrote her please don’t come because I met someone and we already agree together to marry.

She was so mad when she called me this morning today and she said I lost my money because I paid the travel agency for my trip to Egypt and I can’t get my money back because it is a tourist group. I said to her please give me the telephone number of the travel agency, I will talk to him. But he refused to return her money back so I transfered the money to her right away, and I felt happy all the day for that. She is a poor girl from Moldova, 34 years old, 169cm, 65kg, doesn’t have anybody only her younger brother 24 years old. She was the best on my list until I meet you.

But any woman beside Amiraty Aisha is nothing, my Queen Aisha full of love and no any woman in the world like her. She is very special, and Allah has made her for me. I feel free as a bird, I can fly with you to the sky, or the end of the world and eat your lips as I want, and kill you as I want, too. It is your fault because you are the one who turned on the wild horse inside me so you have to handle that! I swear to Allah and to you, to be your best boyfriend forever and your loyal husband to the last moment of my life.

I can not believe I hear you all the time call me MOhamaaaaaaad come to your wife!!! And I can not believe the time is very slow and does not move. I want to be with you. The life is very short, and we have to enjoy it together, Amiraty, My Princess, Aisha, my Queen, my Darling, Habibaty, you can’t imagine how much I love you!

Are you emotionally stable as me? I hope so! And I am very sure the life will be very sweet with you, singing or dancing or loving, whatever you want, together it will be very sweet under the stars as you like, Insha’aAllah, up on the top of the roof of your new house! I was a very lazy man the last six months, but I promise you starting next week I will make for you the house you saw beside the farm a very good Kasr, means Palace, with wonderful roof only for you and the kids. By the way, no other houses are around it because it is on our own land, it is your own, very special and private, and you have the right to plant what you like on the roof, or to change anything else as you like, you are my Princess Queen Aisha!

I talked with 3 of my kids yesterday and today about you, but I did not tell one because he is in Vancouver, BC. All my kids were so happy about you, and they are happy you are Muslimah, and they said to me you must love her so much, because you cancelled your condition about children, and you never accept that with any one before. I am very sure all of my family will love you, because they already feel we are so deeply in love.

I could not ask for more happiness, Habibaty, Insha’aAllah everything will work out fine, Allah knows I trust you very much same as my self. I hope you will be able to visit me here as soon as possible, to see the area and give me your advice and your opinion about the house in the countryside before I finish from fixing it, but about the apartment in the city, it is perfect, you will like it, but you will love the house more after we fix it.

I am very sure from what I promise you, I will tell you some secret to keep it in your mind for your very special 70th birthday present… I don’t believe there are any miracles on the earth in these times, but I believe there is only one true miracle and it could be happen from the deep true strong love. I notice that many times in my self and other people, when I feel in deep love with the woman same as it happened with you, it makes me very interested to her, and I feel a big power inside me turn all my energy on as a wild horse. Also I think the woman is the same, when she loves her husband deeply, so I am happy that you have the same feeling with me. It is meaning this miracle will happen even when both of us reach our 80s and our eyes meet we will turn on!

I am very excited to your funny stories that we will share together, Amiraty and Habibaty Sharazad, I will love everything in my life with you and I will make your life very sweet tasting. Please feel free to ask me any questions that you like to ask. It was my Dad who planted the grapevines in front of our house before he passed away, and I am the one who guided them up to the roof.

Do you plan to have any kids, Habibaty?? I never accept that with any one of the list I told you about, but with you I can’t say to you no about anything that could be make you happy! I wish all my kids was from you! You are a very responsible lady so I admire you and respect you very much for all what you have shared with me. I love this very much from you:

I really do believe we will always have compassion for one another’s feelings because we have shared them and understand each other. These things are past, though, and I want to share something else, something sweeter, way more friendly, and million times more loving… I think maybe Allah protected our energy and health for this time, I believe it may be true, what do you think?

I am not thinking, I am very sure. You are a wonderful girl, you said everything I would like to say. And this too:

Want to know something else I think? I think it would be wonderful to spend the summers on the beautiful rooftop in Egypt, and the winters in the hot tub on the patio in Virginia… maybe we could talk about how that could work? Maybe we could maintain both places, that way if you need to take care of business for your farm it wouldn’t be too hard? Is that unrealistic?  I was just thinking what a wonderful homecoming it would be every summer to go home to your house… what a sweet dream!

I love you my sweet Aisha. Insha’aAllah your dream will be true reality very soon. Allah knows how much I care for the kids education and future more than me and you, I am very sure me and you will be very happy here more than any place in the world, but the kids are still very young to leave them there. Maybe one day they will care for us, too, who knows?

So when will you be with me? I hope very soon! And stay with me one month while we finish fixing the house. And maybe by then my youngest son will be okay after his mom, and I will travel back with you to there. I want to get that back rub… and more! And more and more until we never feel it is enough, because I know as more as we eat, as more as we will feel hungry to those very sweet things.

Please send me your address where you live and your home telephone number, my Amiraty Queen Aisha

Big hug and warm deep kiss from your sweet lips

All my love to you

Yours Forever


I don’t believe there is any girl alive who doesn’t dream of receiving such an incredible, passionate letter of love. Up to that point in my life I didn’t believe there was any man alive who could write such beautiful declarations. At this exact point in my life, I couldn’t believe that I was the girl receiving them. In fact, it was so unbelievable I was back to questioning my sanity again, it felt like those colorful fireworks were shooting out from my ears! My heart felt swollen from the pain of pumping at the speed of Mohamed’s love, aching with the need to believe him. The velocity of my thoughts was so high, as well, that my head was screeching like a train braking madly to avoid a disaster.

It was a love letter unparalleled in unquestionable passion, but the question I kept asking myself was, “Why did he have to say THAT???” Maybe it was just a badly translated sexual reference, but,

“…and kill you as I want to, too…”

was not the right thing to say to a woman already balancing on a razor sharp edge between right and wrong, and already seriously questioning her sanity. 

I couldn’t hear, I couldn’t see, I couldn’t think. I turned it all off and I went to bed, but I also couldn’t sleep. I felt Scheri slip in beside me, asking shyly, “Are you still angry, Aisha?”  but I couldn’t even speak. With one fantasy eclipsing the other, the full moon of my rising excitement went black, flooding me with anxiety and doubt.  I cowered in the dark underneath my covers, too afraid to see what was coming, and too excited to close my eyes.

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Is She Dead, or Just Asleep?


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22 thoughts on “Ep.15, Joyride To Egypt: A Love Letter To Die For

  1. What beautiful chapter of your own love book… Very poignant and Lovely… It seems like a fairy tale, Aisha. So platonic.
    Thank you very much for sharing…
    Hugs and best wishes, Aquileana 😀


    • So sweet, dear Aquileana, thank you for your beautiful words and encouragement! It’s really fun for me to put this out here and share it and it makes me very happy when I know you enjoy it too! ♥♥♥ ;^)


      • Dear Aisha. ❤

        Hi Sweetie, happy tuesday.. I have just came across this dashboard at Pinterest.
        It made me think of you. Check it out.

        Sending you much love, Aquileana 😛


        • So sad it took me till friday to reply, dearest Aquileana! Mohamed and I are building a barn in our back yard for the geese – we just finished one last week for the turkeys! I’m so busy these days because it’s almost Ramadan and we don’t really want to be building anything in the hot sun while we are fasting all day from early dawn to suset, so this barn has to get done in the next week! Everything will slow down nicely after that, though, Ramadan is such an enjoyable time, like a wonderful vacation in my own home for an entire month!
          I’m just starting to explore pinterest, as you can see by the great images I found out there for this post. Thanks for that great link of egypt images, they are awesome! I’m definitely going to put pinterest on my “explore soon” list.
          I’m on my way to your place right now, you’re on the top of my “now” list – lol, right now!
          ♥♥♥ ;^)))


    • Thanks, Lor! I really like sharing my story because I think it’s good for the soul to read stuff like this… or maybe it’s just so good for my soul that I can’t help myself, lol! Thanks so much for sharing with me by reading and by your lovely comments! ♥♥♥ ;^)


    • Lol, it’s really been a joyride! I was a complete nervous wreck throughout our correspondence, what an exciting roller coaster, it’s so much fun for me to read these emails again, too and wrap them up in little stories about what my life was like at the time I was receiving them. Thanks so much for joining me, Maria, I’m so happy you’re enjoying this too! ♥♥♥ ;^)))


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