Matching Jewelry Set: “Blossoming Wisteria”

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I have a dream of someday selling the jewelry I create on This may be impossible to do while living in Egypt, given the miserable postal services in this country, but this isn’t ever a problem in my dream. One of the more enjoyable hobbies I’ve adopted in the last couple of years is playing with wire and beads. It’s really challenging in a creative way, and very satisfying when the result is a beautiful necklace, bracelet, ring, or earrings. The beautiful colors of the beads are like eye candy to me, they brighten my day and make me smile. I hang my creations on a sheer white curtain stretched above my work table in my sunny little winter verandah, and my mood always improves by sitting at my table, enjoying the jewelry designs and colors.

My favorite color is purple. From the time I was a child, when I learned the beautiful purple colored amethyst is the birthstone for February, I’ve been fascinated with pretty purple stones and beads. Purple flowers are pretty special in my book, too, with the Wisteria definitely topping my favorite flower list. Wisteria is actually a vine, and can be incredibly invasive, causing many people to dislike it. The flowers of the blossoming wisteria grow in lovely clusters of bright lavender petals, and hang like heavy clusters of ripe grapes against their usual backdrop of evergreen pine trees.

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Some heavily wooded areas where we lived in South Carolina become awesome in the Spring, with wisteria vines draping everywhere like strings of bright purple christmas lights on all the trees. I love the way the mysterious sight of a dark and overgrown forest becomes transformed with light and color and romance when wisteria blossoms arrive in the Spring.

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I have tried to imitate the beautiful purple wisteria blossoms with this jewelry design, by creating clusters of faceted opalescent lavender colored beads. The wire is silver filled, and the wire work encasing the purple fluorite beads mimic the play of wisteria vines climbing freely, entwining themselves on the trees of the forest.

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Silvery grey pearls and sterling silver beads provide accents to the opalescent shades of purple clusters. The necklace is 34″ in length, perfect for a long sweater or tee shirt. The bracelet is 7.5″ in length, and the earrings are 2.5″ in length.

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Who knows if I’ll ever open my fantasy jewelry boutique on, but the hard work is done for this jewelry set, now that the description is written and the photographs are online. I’ll be adding posts to this category every now and then, as I get more pieces photographed. Cee’s Fun Foto color theme this week is purple, so it gave me the incentive to finish this post in time to link up with everyone participating at Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: The Color Purple. Don’t miss all the great purple themed photos, come join us!


23 thoughts on “Matching Jewelry Set: “Blossoming Wisteria”

  1. your flowers are beautiful – and your jewelry is too – πŸ™‚ and I agree – some “colors of the beads are like eye candy” πŸ™‚
    nice take on the theme!

  2. That set is beautiful. I love the way you’ve interpreted your inspiration. The set echoes the wisteria perfectly. Purple is my favourite colour too. πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Aisha, Your jewelry is beautiful. The wisteria that inspired it is also beautiful. I have been thinking about making a necklace recently. I had a beaded necklace that broke and I need to make one to replace it. Mine will be much simpler than your beautiful creation. Maybe people on Etsy will not mind waiting for a hand-crafted piece of jewelry, if they know in advance that it is coming from Egypt – or if they have an approximate delivery time frame.

    • Thanks Robin! It’s so enjoyable, once you do a simple piece you learn every skill needed to do more complicated pieces! I just learned lately where the FedEx office is, so there’s always that option, but I’m still slowly getting things photographed, and making new pieces, and blogging, and farming, lol, I have to save something for when I get bored!

  4. Hello Aisha…
    What a creative challenging. Wisteria flowers are beautiful and the jewelry; gorgeous.
    Yes, art is certainly based on imitation (paraphrasing Aristotle πŸ˜› !)..
    Best wishes, Aquileana πŸ˜‰

    • Yes, wisteria is crazy like that! But I think maybe you could prune it all back to the fence to start over, right? It’s such a beautiful vine! Thanks so much for your visit! β™₯β™₯β™₯ ;^)

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