Egyptian Fun Foto: Rooftop Roses

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This week’s Fun Foto Challenge on Cee’s Photography Blog is having fun with two-tone photos.
Cee says, The only requirement is that there are only two colors in your photo.   

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I found this more challenging than I first expected, but anytime I get to flip through my pictures I always have a great time! When I came across some photos of the roses I have planted on the roof, I figured they were about the only possibilities for two-tone images.

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With this last picture, above, it already was basically two-tone, so I played more with the framing, trying to get a custom matting look for it.

The roses are not in bloom right now, they are resting up for the new growing season. I took these photos in December. I know that will make you more interested to live in Egypt when you learn that your roses will keep blooming even into the winter! Here’s the first rosebud and you will be amazed to see the peach tree behind it still has leaves – the peach trees here only lose their leaves for about a week, in January, and then they make new buds immediately! This photo was taken from the roof of the first floor, and in fact, this plant is the mother of all my roses. Mohamed’s father planted this rose in the backyard when Mohamed was a child, and our first year back I made many cuttings from it and planted them in pots on the roof.

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Here’s a picture of the second rose on a roof facing the chicken farm, without any touchups:
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And here’s a photo of the third rose with no editing. It’s up on the roof of the second floor where most of the roses are growing. This is my favorite place to hang out. There’s always something to do, playing in my rooftop garden, and the view from the roof is always gorgeous!

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Not only that, but the Wi-Fi reaches up here, too! LOL, Rooftop blogging!


14 thoughts on “Egyptian Fun Foto: Rooftop Roses

  1. Your garden is so lovely and your roses were perfect for the challenge. Very beautiful. I am a little jealous of your weather. We have had the most cold and miserable weather this winter. I live near Washington, D.C. We are supposed to get snow again within the next three days.

    I never thought about taking my laptop out on my balcony. That might be very nice when the weather warms up. Of course, it will depend on the insects. I need to plant some flowers, too. All my pots are empty right now.

    We have these horrible nasty creatures called stink bugs (if you kill one, it gives off a bad odor). They are harmless, but they don’t mind crawling on you. I mind 🙂 – We have only lived here for six months. It was the very end of summer, and they were constantly hanging out near windows and doors to get into the house. We lived here a few years ago, and there weren’t stink bugs back then. They are not native to this country, but they have spread quickly.


    • I lived in Virginia Beach and we had all that same fun too! Lol I don’t miss it at all, but I hope you have a warm spring soon – they say the colder the winter the less bugs in the summer, I hope it’s true! I bought scads of mosquito netting material at Walmart – it’s that material used for the poofy slip under the wedding dresses but I can’t remember what it is called anyway I made a big curtain from it to enclose my balcony sized patio so I could enjoy my hottub without the bugs enjoying me. It worked perfectly! Maybe you’ll be able to do something similar! ;^)


        • Yes, it works perfect, and not only that, it’s synthetic so the sun or rain won’t biodegrade it easily – not so good for the environment, but perfect for a balcony enclosure! Best wishes with that!


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