Ep. 11, Joyride To Egypt: Did I Say Something Wrong?

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Returning home from a stressful weekend in Pennsylvania, I felt like a young bird returning to the nest after her first solo flight out. The hunt for a new car had been successful and all the necessary red tape to drive it legally was accomplished before noon on Friday. It was an amazing morning, everything fell into place with uncanny ease, and we set off on our roadtrip happily munching on lunch from BurgerKing.

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And, despite my inability to spend ten peaceful minutes in the presence of my mother’s husband, I struggled for my mother’s sake to diplomatically ignore him. Arguing with the Abominable Snowman is the only comparison I can offer to explain what dealing with him is like for me, and I’ll leave it at that. Fortunately, my mother was working at the Valley Forge National Park Visitor Center. This gave us an opportunity to visit and explore the history of George Washington’s famous military activities in this beautiful wooded park and surrounding area. My children enjoyed themselves completely for the entire weekend, and I considered myself fortunate for not getting sucked into “Grumpa’s” negativity.

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My new car performed delightfully on the highway. Unfortunately I can’t say the same for the driver. Returning home, I entered the turnpike going the wrong direction and practically had to drive all the way to New York before I could get turned around! I was so upset, there were no exits and no breaks in the center barrier wall. I had no choice but to keep driving and driving and driving… In the wrong direction! I became so upset that I started crying, and my sweet little 7-year old son called out to me from the back seat, “Don’t worry mommy, everything will be okay!” My heart had never swelled with love as it did at that moment! Finally I reached a toll gate at a bridge and the woman collecting the fee guided me to the place where I could turn around and head back in the correct direction.

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Don't get lost on the PA Turnpike!

Topping off this long and stressful drive home, I pulled up in front of my children’s other grandmother’s house for a quick visit, dismayed to see my ex husband’s car out front. I almost turned around and left without notice, when it occurred to me I might be able to get him to sign the papers I needed to solve my car problems. Everything he needed to sign was still in my purse from buying the new car on Friday! It was an incredibly lucky chance to get his mother to push him to sign what the judge had ordered. It was even luckier finding him asleep on the couch – I had the kids wake him and shoved the pen and papers under his nose and he signed before waking up enough to argue! “Hi grandma, bye grandma, okay kids, time to go, let’s get back in the car! ” We were out of there before he knew what had happened. It was awesome!

One more peak on a rollercoaster means another valley yet to come. From high to low to high to low, the weekend rollercoaster ride was not over yet. Riding the peak through dinner and bedtime, my coaster car slid to a stop in front of my computer. Hopeful of finding an email waiting me from Mr. Answer to my prayers, I slid down the valley of anxiety when I opened my inbox and found… Nothing! Oh, dear, this doesn’t seem like a good sign, considering the speed with which he had always answered me up to this point. Checking my sent box confirmed that my last email was sent, so what could account for his delay?

So much for swimming to the deep end of the ocean… That’s not very interesting with the fisherman no longer following me! I turned back to see where I lost him, my rollercoaster diving, my heart sinking and my self confidence falling to the pit of the ocean floor.

From: Aisha
To:  Mohamed
Date: Sun, 20 Jun 1999 20:47:42
Subject: What’s wrong Mohamed?
Salam ya Mohamed
Is something wrong?
I thought certainly I would see an email when I returned home….
But you have not written, so I am uncertain if you have a disagreement with something I have written?

Oh, please, I hope I have not offended you in some way, or if so, it must be some mistake…

I will wait until you write me again

Poor Aisha, poor little roller coaster rider! It was a really long, hard weekend. I could hardly see through my tired eyes and tears to find my bed. But hope wakes the weakest heart and mine was no exception. Keep your hands and feet in the car at all times, and buckle up, poor little baby! Ready? Set? Go! Whoosh! I ran to my computer the moment I opened my eyes in the morning…

From: Mohamed

To: Aisha

Date: Mon, 21 Jun 1999 04:52:13

Subject: Re: What’s wrong Mohamed?

My love Aisha

I think about you every moment all the time after you left me and went to your weekend until now.

As I told you, I am a very stable friend, I don’t get mad or change my mind easy as you are thinking. Please trust me as I do trust you.

I had an appointment with an experienced engineer from the court to show him some documents, because I filed a complaint about one of my neighbors making his building too close to my farm with no liscense.

l am very busy today, too, but I will write to you a long letter very soon.

By the way you was with me all the last night in my dream, I take off your glasses and I eat your lips, and more and more… I was so hungry!
I love you


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Angry Scheri! (click for original)

“Breathe! Exhale! Again! See? Didn’t I tell you everything is fine?” Scheherazade slapped me upside the head playfully, laughing at me from the seat behind mine in the roller coaster car.

“So where were you last night, Miss sexy haram pants?” I retorted back, pretending I was angry.

“Puh-leeeez, Speed Racer!” She said, giving me her back in indignation, “You drove me to the hellfire and back in three days. I was asleep, you crazy crybaby!”

I knew she would be angry with me, but I had to get rid of her, she was wasting my time. “Oh please, Scheri! go sit on a pillow and shut up, I have an important email to write! Can’t you see the man is still crazy in love with me?”

From: Aisha
To:  Mohamed
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 1999 06:47:38
Subject: Sabah al khair ya sade’ki Mohamed! ;^)
mmm salam, sweet Mohamed
((( mmmwah!)))
it’s just another way of expressing a kiss that I am blowing to you, I am so relieved to know that you were just busy, and not upset with me.
I wish for you success in your dealings, and I will be very glad to see your letter whenever you are free to write again.
I am finding you in my thoughts verrrry often, too!
I think your genie is teasing me again, isn’t he…
Especially after you told me your dream…
Mmm mmmm mmm! Thank you for the twinkle in my eyes this morning, now I am smiling for you all day, Mohamed!
You’ll never guess another reason I was so busy lately, too – I bought a car right before I took the children to my mom’s house for the weekend. I’ll tell you more about it this evening, too, I have to leave earlier this morning because I can’t get to my work without a proper sticker on the new car. I must take care of this right away after I take the children to “day camp.”

It’s the school they will attend during the days for the summer… they will do fun things like go to movies, play at the park, go swimming, golfing, skating, and even horseback riding lessons, which they are both looking forward to! My daughter is learning to ride very well, and my son may finally be old enough to start learning this summer – he’s very excited.
So I’ll write more tonight, sweet sade’ki my friend…
Carry some of my smiles with your papers today
;^)))))))))))))))))) <——- lots of smiles for you! (Without my glasses) ;^)

All of a sudden, I could feel the earth moving under my feet. Looking down, I watched my roller coaster car morph into a magic carpet! “Scheri, Get back in! I mean, get back on! Hurry up, this thing is flying!”

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