Photo Poem: “Oh Cairo2,” Photo 9 of 10

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Photo 9 of 10, "Oh Cairo, Chapter 2" Photo Poem

“..Men and women and water buffalo
Patiently trod the dirt road
In the footsteps of our eldest forefathers
In the never ending ebb and flow
From home to work, from work to home
From hot to cold, from young to old
From babe in the belly, to our place in the grave…”

This photo is my view to the north, looking out my verandah windows at the dirt road that passes to the east between our house and our neighbor. The little dirt road leading to the north follows the bank of the irrigation canal, and is lined with huge eucalyptus trees. It is very early in the morning, and the man is leading his waterbuffalo to his plot of farmland, where he will work in his field all day. They have just crossed over the bridge spanning the irrigation canal which is fed from the Nile River about a half kilometer to the west of us.

This waterbuffalo is very young, you can tell by her pink skin that she has never spent time outside of her barn. She will be walked daily back and forth by this patient farmer, her skin growing darker from the sunshine, as she learns to eat fresh greens from the field and provide milk for her family. Maybe this is her first journey away from the safety of her barn and mama. Something scared her, apparently, causing her to balk at continuing, and her owner is coaxing her gently, tugging the rope to encourage her. I love the curiosity of our neighbor’s dog, too. He has climbed up onto the back of the trailer he was sleeping in to get a better look!

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Click to join in the fun at Bastet’s Pixelventures! This week we’re looking for something to illustrate time. Bastet says:

“today…I’m seeking a new prompt…and I’ve decided to follow last week’s lead and tie this post to this week’s poetry prompt, so we’ll be looking for photographs about TIME.

Time is an interesting subject.  It can seem pretty abstract, but in reality, there are constant reminders of time all around us…it’s passing, its past or something presaging the future is always there to tell us that time is all around us.”

Because this prompt coincides so perfectly with the next to last stanza of this poem, for my response to this week’s challenge I’m jumping out of sequence and submitting photo number 9 in the series. I hope I’m not wearing out my welcome… You probably can tell I am working on the whole poem, one photo per stanza at a time. I hope to assemble all the photos in a carousel slideshow when they are all finished. This is a dream I have for both of my Oh Cairo2 poems, and I really appreciate Bastet’s Pixelventure challenges to push me into getting this accomplished!

And, because Bastet tied her prompt to Sahm King’s Poetry Prompts #013, The Value of Time, I am excited to submit my post for both challenges this week! Sahm spins the poetic wheels of imagination weekly on the same site as Bastet’s Pixelventures: “We Drink Because We’re Poets.” I recommend fresh papaya juice, and I hope you’ll join us at this wonderful website, too!

Worth repeating from last week: Every time I look out my windows and see I’m here in Egypt, I’m so thankful to my Creator! Words can hardly express my sense of inspiration and gratitude for all the mercy and blessings Allah has given me, alhamdulillah! (“Thank God!”)

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