Photo Poem: Brick And Mortar Outhouse


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Submitted to the Speakeasy Grid, week #151 at – This week the prompt is the sentence, “Life had once been defined by linears and absolutes,” to be used as the first line in the post, and some reference to be made to the photo “Water Well,” by Odon Czintos. Like to learn more? Click this logo to join us:

31 thoughts on “Photo Poem: Brick And Mortar Outhouse

  1. Such a beautiful poem, and that photograph lends perfectly to framing it up nicely. You are a creative one! I thoroughly enjoyed this!


    • Thanks very much Martha! I’m so excited about this new (free!) android app to put text on a photo, I’m trying hard to learn how to use it and this photo seemed perfect so I gave it a shot… Thanks very much for your encouragement!


  2. This is fabulous! The second line took my breath away but all of it is so beautiful, with perfectly-timed rhythm and wonderful wording. Even with the sadness and nostalgia for a better time, the poetry itself leaves the reader feeling uplifted.


  3. “…the quaint peeling, stucco of our lives” So beautifully said and in those few words you painted such a sharp truth in life. Loved it!


  4. Aisha, I think this is my favorite poem of yours. I am particularly enamored with the last two lines. “But we revel in the quaint peeling stucco of our lives / Our crumbling foundations one flood away from despair.” Just beautiful! – Karen


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