Photo Poem: “Oh Cairo2,” Photo 1 of 10

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Photo 1 of 10, "Oh Cairo, Chapter 2" Photo Poem

19 Feb – Updated!
I finally found the perfect android app for overlaying text on a photo! It’s called Phonto, and if you are using an iPhone click here to learn more or if you are using something with an android OS click here to learn more

This app gives you all the control you need for applying text to an image, and it has a very easy to use interface that will get you smiling in no time! The first advantage of this app over so many others is it’s ability to handle whole paragraphs of text. Most apps, including the totally disappointing Adobe Photoshop Touch, only allow one line of text at a time. Also, Phonto never merges your text into the image, so it is always available to edit, even after saving. There is a huge variety of fonts, and you have total control over font size, fill color, stroke color, shadow effect/angle/color, line spacing, and text positioning. Every control is manipulated by finger slider and by “+” or “-” controls which are tapped. The smart people who created this app need to be congratulated for their genius, because Phonto is the wave of the future for touchscreen apps!

This was my first attempt with PicsArt – it’s still the best photoeditor app I’ve found so far, but for text it’s the pits:

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Photo 1 of 10, "Oh Cairo, Chapter 2" Photo Poem

Photo Poem: “OH CAIRO, Chapter 2” Photo 1 of 10

Waking up, I rise from my bed
And tip-toe to my window
I fill my eyes with the sight of green
In all degrees of saturation
From the palest, lightest, luminescent leaf
To fronds of silhouetted palm
Elegantly backlit by the dawn…

Click here for the next photo OR Click here to read the entire poem as text

Click to join in the fun at Bastet’s Pixelventures! This week we’re looking for signs of the coming of Spring, and I took this opportunity to learn how to put text on my photo. I’m using a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, version 10.1 with an Android Operating System, and the software app I like best so far is PicsArt. It’s a bit of a challenge doing everything by finger on a touchscreen, especially swiping text onto the photo in a straight line! Thank God for the ‘undo’ button.. now if I could just find the ‘more patience’ button, I’d really be good to go… ;^)

13 thoughts on “Photo Poem: “Oh Cairo2,” Photo 1 of 10

  1. aloha Aisha. i like your wording. the last line is a gem.

    also thank you for the heads up on the Phonto App. i’ve downloaded it and can see it has a lot of potential. with some experimenting. way fun. thank you. aloha.


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