I just had to reblog this from Wandering Soles – it’s Pure Egyptian Happiness!

Wandering Soles

Shopping & dodging hustlers at the Khan el Khalili

We left Luxor on the first flight this morning and arrived in Cairo not long after. As today is our last day in Egypt we thought we’d use it to take a look at the city’s main souk (translation = open air market). Like Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar, the Khan el Khalili was a warren of streets, alleys and tiny paved malls that had us lost within just a few short minutes. It was every bit as colourful and chaotic as we had hoped, and we had a great day perusing the wares in the shops and fending off the attentions of all the stall holders.




As soon as we walked out of the airport here in Cairo the now-familiar smells and sounds of this chaotic city reintroduced themselves. Cars honking their horns incessently, donkeys braying, hawkers touting their wares…

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