Poem: Speak To Me In Kisses

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I wrote this poem for my incredibly loving and wonderful husband on our 5th wedding anniversary, July 29, 2004:


Speak to me in kisses

I love every word that you say

Our lips press softly together

Our tongues caress each other

You say by this tender example

How sweet is your love for me

I know a little about language

But never dreamed of speaking this way

A way far swept away

From normal conversation

Cast aloft on a breeze, floating,

Suspended in time in our brain

You drink every thought I am thinking

I kiss every word that you say.

(C) 7/29/2004 by Aisha Abdelhamid

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"Suspended in time, in our brain"


5 thoughts on “Poem: Speak To Me In Kisses

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